Learn Realflow dynamic simulation effect for beginners today
4.0 (18 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Learn Realflow dynamic simulation effect for beginners today

Want to learn how to create amazing particle simulations for fluids? Then this is the course for you Realflow is great
4.0 (18 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
123 students enrolled
Last updated 3/2017
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What you'll learn
  • Have a great understanding or particles and simulations inside Realflow
  • Know how to import and export data from and to Realflow
  • Apply both basic and advanced simulations inside of Realflow
  • Open your mind and give you alternative ideas for future project you may have
  • We will be using Realflow 2014 and Maya 2013 in this course

Dynamic Simulations with fluids/particles using Realflow 2014

At the time of release this is the First course on "Dynamic Particle Simulations on Udemy"

Creating particle simulations is sometimes very complex this course is the first one to try to simplify the process and is meant as a starter course into the amazing world of particle simulations, having seen and watched many tutorials on the subject I felt there was a massive need to follow complete processes and make it understandable to intermnediate and beginners alike.

This is the first course on Udemy as of 10/02/2017 on Dynamics simulations on Udemy and I feel it deserves its place within the 3D Courses!

Enjoy working through the early stages of learning Realfow and then into projects as I take you on an action packed course into the world of 3D Particle simulations in Reaflow 2014!

We will learn the following:

  • Getting to grips with Realflow interface
  • Importing out and into Realflow
  • Importing Realflow simulations and objects into Maya
  • Emitter options and Rigid body effects
  • Controlling particles with Daemons
  • 3 Tutorials that cover everything taught
  • Controlling your fluids with DSplines

and more tip and tricks along the way!

Whos it for?

  • This course is for anyone interested in particle and dynamic simulations
  • Beginners upwards will find this of interest
  • professionals and students wanting to intergrate this into work or existing projects

I had a lot of fun creating this for you and everything I have done inside the course is aimed at addressing the lack of information on the subject on the internet.

All the best
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Who this course is for:
  • This course is for anyone already doing or interested in particle dynamics
  • This course is for 3D illustrator, modeller or animators interested in creating fluid effects a d particle simulations
Course content
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+ Realflow Dynamics - Introduction to the course ahead
3 lectures 14:59

Lets have a look at an overview of the course ahead.

Preview 04:48

In this lecture we will look a bit closer at what we will be doing inside Realflow.

Preview 07:15

Please note the mesh files have NOT been included as they are massive in size, all objects and Realflow project files are included, you can use these or I recommend you start from scratch and create all your own assets.

Download your Assets
+ Realflow Dynamics - The Course!
26 lectures 03:57:41

In this lecture we will be setting up our first project for Realflow its really important to make sure everything is organized from the start, especially when generating bin and SD files files and importing into another 3D application the link and referencing needs to be kept the same if the project files are moved the link could be broken!

01-Realflow Dynamics - Setting projects in Realflow

In this lecture we will look at basic navigation and palettes within Realflow and also create our first particle emmision

02-Realflow Dynamics - Navigating in Realflow and your first Particle Simulation

Without gravity we float and it is true inside Realflow as well the Gravity daemon is probably the most common daemon we use for real world simulations, remember a value of 9.8 is equivalent to earth! lets add this handy daemon now.

03-Realflow Dynamics - Adding gravity to the simulation

In this lecture we will look at some of the emitter settings to control our particle generation this will include speed of emission and making our stream more varied.

04-Realflow Dynamics - Controlling particles and adding variations

Lets get even more control over our particle emissions we will control the resolution and emission rate ect

05-Realflow Dynamics - A look at the Emitter settings

Particle penetration is a major headache in Realflow, I will show you how to stop particles going through your geometry very quickly.

06-Realflow Dynamics - Penetrating particles and how to stop it!

So we have a great simulation what next?

Well we now need to build a mesh this is geometry that will use the particles as a guide to build a mesh around them!

07-Realflow Dynamics - Generating the Mesh
In this lecture I will show you how to increase the quality/resolution of your mesh details.
08-Realflow Dynamics - Increase the mesh detail

Right so we have got to grips with producing particles and meshes, lets now look at how we can get particles to interact with objects in this case we will flow the particles into a cube and then create a sphere that we will make an active rigid body this sphere will react to the particles!

09-Realflow Dynamics - Interactions with your particles
Using key frames I will animate a sphere created inside Realflow through particles that have been flowed into a cube, we will also have a look at creating an initial state which means you can set your particles from any point in a simulation.
10-Realflow Dynamics - Forced Animation and fluid interaction

As a 3D artist you will want to be able to get your Meshes and your objects out of Realflow and into your 3D program of choice, in this lecture I will be exporting from Realflow into Maya.

11-Realflow Dynamics - Exporting Objects and Meshes from Realflow

As well as exporting from Reaflow you will also want to import your objects back into Realflow! lets do it!

12-Realflow Dynamics - Importing into Realflow from other applications


This is a bit of a bugbear to a lot of Realflow users I will try to shed light on this for you, important to realize no matter if your scale is correct if the fluids you create do not look realistic enough you might need to re-scale things so they work, do not use the scaling tool use the geo scale tool this way when you import back into your 3D application the object will be in the exact place you left it in!

(in fact we will do just that later in the course!)

13-Realflow Dynamics - Image size and scaling inside Reaflow
So you have created a fantastic animation inside your favorite 3D application and you now want to create some stunning Particle simulations around it right! let me show you how easy it is to get your animation into Realflow!
14-Realflow Dynamics - Animation and importing into Realflow

PART 1 - Jet Washer
In this tutorial we will use all we learn't and more to create a Jet Washer simulation.

15-Realflow Dynamics - Creating a Jetwash effect inside Realflow Part 1

PART 2 - Jet Washer
In this tutorial we will use all we learn't and more to create a Jet Washer simulation.

16-Realflow Dynamics - Creating a Jetwash effect inside Realflow Part 2

PART 3 - Jet Washer
In this tutorial we will use all we learn't and more to create a Jet Washer simulation.

16a-Realflow Dynamics - Creating a Jetwash effect inside Realflow Part 3

Realflow uses whats called Daemons to control the behavior or add effects to a particle system, lets have a look at the most used ones, please play around with the setting with these daemons you can get quite dramatic effects by combining them!

17-Realflow Dynamics - Look at Daemons inside Realflow

In this last tutorial in this course I will show you how to create a free flowing fluid at least it will look like it is free flowing but we will have control over it!

In this lecture we will create a DSpline


18-Realflow Dynamics - Set up a DSpline Emitter


Now we have created the emitter its time to control it with a Daemon in this case a DSpline Daemon!

19-Realflow Dynamics - Setting up our DSpline Daemon


Adding more effects and control to get more control over our particles, the use of keyframes is essential in most simulations you create with keyframes you can stop slow down speed up and add a thousand other effects to your simulations.

20-Realflow Dynamics - Controlling our emitter wave with the DSpline emitter


lets complete the final tweaks for our simulation, spend some time on this your can see how I have done it so work slowly and understand what and what your doing!

21-Realflow Dynamics - Final set up and tweaks


Lets mesh the simulation!

22-Realflow Dynamics - Meshing our final simulation


In this last lesson and although this is not a Maya rendering course I am going to show you quickly a render of the final form in the next video you can see what was created from this!

23-Realflow Dynamics - Import and quick render inside Maya

This is the final result I have dropped a Logo in and some sound effects in post. I think you would agree pretty cool!

I hope you have enjoyed this course and learnt a load! please let me know if you are stuck or need more help, before giving me a negative review I want my courses to be 5 Star and I can only do that with your help!

Thank you for your support guys and check out my other training courses, also get in touch if you need help or advice I always love to chat about creative things!!!

Realflow Dynamics - Final Result

For those who have finished the course a massive "Well done!" for those still completing the course "Keep it up!" I just want to say thank you for choosing me and my course, it is really appreciated and means that I can produce more great courses for you in the future!

Stay up to date with the latest courses and development as well as offers from us by visiting me at my website.

All the Very Best