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Quran Reading with Tajweed for beginners (Qaida Lessons)
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Students will be able to make words
It will help you learn Arabic with correct pronunciation
It will help you find out your mistakes yourself and fix them


  • This is the basic course for Quran learners. For taking this course, you need only passion and love for learning. :)


This course is designed to teach you Arabic letters, lower case and upper case, how to join letters, use of vowels, long wovels, silent letters, examples for practice, double letters, how to spell, punctuation. etc.

in this course I am teaching Qaida, i.e Beginners book for learning Quran reading,

The material included in course is basic book for beginners. All material is videos for better learning. So, you come to know how to pronounce the proper way.

How long will it to complete? It depends upon the learners. If you have some idea of Arabic then it will take you short time. Similarly, if your language is from the same family as Arabic, then it will take very short time. Otherwise it will take a little long. Approximately 1 - 2 months if you work one / two hour a day.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for those who want to take first step in learning the holy Quran
  • Those who know how to read Quran but they need to improve their pronunciation can also join this course
  • Example: New Muslims, Kids, adults who didn't learn with Tajweed before, or those who just want to read Arabic text just like Hadith etc.

Course content

3 sections13 lectures1h 17m total length
  • Introduction


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