Learn Python with Google Colab - A Step to Machine Learning

Hands on course in python basics with Google Colab, a step towards Machine Learning
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Basics of Python
Data types
Printing output
If-Else conditions
Looping using for, while
Arithmatic operations
Working with functions
Working with List and Arrays
Performing action on List
Tuple, Set and Dictionary
Working with packages
Hands-on with Class


  • Basic programming concepts are sufficient


This course is completely practical based and is per-requisite for our upcoming Machine Learning course. With around 25 lectures, this course is designed in such a way that you can take spark of Google Colab enabling Jupiter notebook , the best platform to practice Machine Learning  and is enriched with all the basic concepts that is required to start with python programming. After completing this course, you should have basic python understanding.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and Intermediate


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I Joined Udemy with motive that everybody has right to learn and my aim is to create courses which are more practical in nature rather than which have tons of theories included. You will see both free and paid courses covering all kind of students. Code which I will share will be 100% workable and easy to understand. You can connect me here, my website or my social media channel i.e. facebook, linked or youtube (Linked can be found below my profile pic.

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