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Learn Basic Python Syntax
Learn Intermediate Python Syntax
Learn how to write and execute Python Code using different Tools
Learn Advanced Python Concepts
Learn what it takes to be Python developer


  • No experience needed because the course start with the basic introduction
  • No programming skills required to master this course
  • Only computer/tablet/phone and internet
  • You don't need to install any Python software to follow this course and learn Python


In this course you will learn everything about Python programming language. We will start with the basic syntax and we will move to learn more complex concepts like data types, type conversion, data structures like lists, dictionaries, tuples and sets where you can store more data in organised manner. The Python programming language is very easy language to learn if you have the right course or the right guide. With this course I will explain everything you need to know in simple English. This means you will be able to understand even the hard concepts without any problems.

Here are some of the things we will cover:

Tools we can use to run Python Code

Basic Python Syntax

Python Data Types like Integer, Floats, Strings, Lists, Tuples, Sets and Dictionaries

Operators (Power, Module, Floor Division, Operator Precedence

Math functions like abs() and round()

Variables and rules we need to name them

What are expressions and statements in Python

Augmented assignment operator

Type Conversion or Type casting

Formatted Strings & How Strings are Stored in Memory

Escape Characters

String Slicing

Functions and Methods (built-in Python Functions)

Python IN Keyword

Control Structures If, if-else, elif

Python Indentation

Operators, Logical and Comparison Operators

Loops in Python – For loop

Python Nested loops (for-loops)

While loops

*args, **kwargs

Installing Python locally

OOP ( Object Oriented Programming) Classes and Objects

If you have learned any previous programming language then learning Python will be very easy process but everyone can learn it even the absolute beginners because I will start from the very basics.

What are you still waiting for, click on the enrol button and see me on the other side :)


Who this course is for:

  • Everyone that wants to learn Python programming
  • Beginner Python developers that wants to learn Python Programming from scratch
  • Everyone that wants to learn and build strong understanding of python
  • Even teachers and tutor can use this course to pass the knowledge to their students
  • Even professional programmers can go over this course and refresh their memories


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Hi, everyone my name is Rick! I have joined Udemy because I want to share my passion for teaching the latest and most modern techniques with my students .

I'm a full-stack web developer and designer that will always try to build beautiful projects from scratch, meaning I'm very detailed when I start working on a project. I've been building websites and apps since my early days at University. I have finished bachelor of Information Technology in Macedonia and I also have finished a Master's degree in Information Technology Studies in Federation University Australia.

So passion for creating good websites is something that started when I was at Uni. Also today I'm preparing students with their English. So i can proudly say that I teach students that want to take IELTS,TOEFL,PTE and AEAS tests. These tests are essential for enrolling in schools/universities.  Trust me I know how hard is to go in foreign country and start your education and your life there from scratch. I'm real proof that international students in Australia can thrive and be successful. 

Because I'm used to do things for scratch and I want to help others that is why I choose Udemy as my platform so I can reach out to my students.

What I will offer to you my friends, students and colleagues.

I will teach you how to built advanced HTML and CSS projects. I know how hard is to start.

Looking to get your first job offer if you are student or finished your studies? So my course will aim for that. I know it is hard to find job now even for experienced IT people. Lot of competition out there so we need to give our best.

What to learn JavaScript,Ajax, JQuery and Advanced PHP PDO where security is the number one key?

Then don't waste your time take my course and learn new skills that will take you to the next level. I wish I had courses like the way I do so my life would have been much easier now.

So if you are reading this you are in much, much better position than I was when I was starting to learn new concepts.

I wish you all the best in your life and hopefully see you soon.



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