Learn Portuguese in easy method - Course 1
3.6 (16 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
561 students enrolled

Learn Portuguese in easy method - Course 1

A Beginner's Guide to learn Portuguese in Fast and Easy Method
3.6 (16 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
561 students enrolled
Created by Sandeep M
Last updated 9/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Students will able to Read, write and speak Portuguese.
  • Speak Portuguese quickly and effectively
  • Greet and introduce yourself and others in Portuguese
  • Perfect for the complete beginner with no Portuguese knowledge.
  • Build your own sentences without memorisation.
  • Learn words and phrases that you can use immediately.
  • Perfect for the complete beginner with no Portuguese knowledge.
  • This course is a basic course for the beginners who want to learn Portuguese from the very basic level. So anyone can take this course without any prior knowledge of Portuguese.
  • Enthusiasm to learn
  • All you need is the desire to learn.

Learn to Read and write Portuguese.

Learn Portuguese in a fast and easy method. With this course you can learn Portuguese in an easy manner with simple and logical way.

It gives you pronunciation of Portuguese words and phrases. You can listen and repeat or use his version of phonetics to help you pronounce words. There’s a useful explanation of commonly used expressions.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to hold basic Portuguese conversations – such as introducing yourself, asking for directions and making small talk with others. You’ll also know how to read and write in Portuguese.

The words and expression you will learn will be useful in any visit to Portugal or Brazil. And you will learn how to put these expressions and the words together to form sentences.

With continuous repetition and building on verb forms, you get helpful drilling practice in conjugating verbs while learning vocabulary groups.

This course is intelligently designed to get you speak Portuguese in the shortest time possible.

I have created this course as complete Portuguese course for the complete beginner who only has few minutes to spare in a day.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to visit Brazil
  • Anyone who wants to speak Portuguese
  • Anyone who wants to understand Portuguese
  • Anyone who wants to learn Portuguese
Course content
Expand all 22 lectures 01:12:21
+ Greetings, Adjectives, Alphabets, Numbers
4 lectures 13:03


Hi                                                                 Oi

Hello                                                            Olá

What is your name?                                    Qual o seu nome?

My name is John                                         Meu nome é João

How are you?                                              Como vai?

How are you?                                              Como você está?

How’s it going?                                            Tudo bem?

I'm good, thanks                                          Bem, Obrigado   (For Male)

I'm good, thanks                                          Bem, Obrigada (For Female)

And You?                                                     E Você

Very well                                                      Muito bem

Nice to meet you                                         Prazer em conhecê-lo (male)

Nice to meet you                                         Prazer em conhecê-la (female)

Good morning                                             Bom dia

Good afternoon                                           Boa tarde

Good evening                                             Boa noite

Good night                                                  Boa noite

Bye                                                              Tchau

See you soon                                              Até logo

Preview 04:07

Good                Boa

Good                Bom

Bad                   Mau

Bad                   Mal

Big                    Grande

Large                Grande

Small                Pequeno / Pequena

Easy                 Fácil

Difficult           Difícil

Dark                 Escuro

Light                 Claro

New                  Novo / Nova

Old                    Velho / Velha

Rich                  Rico

Poor                 Pobre

Tall                   Alto

Low                  baixo

Happy              Feliz

Sad                   triste

Beautiful         Bonito / Bonita

Ugly                 Feio / Feia

Hard                Duro

Soft                  macio

Strong             Forte

Thin                 Magro

Preview 05:06

A      -      aa                                          M    -        emme                                 Y   -     Epsilon

B      -      be                                          N     -        enne                                   Z   -      Ze / Zee

C      -     ce/se                                      O     -        O 

D      -      de                                          P     -         Pe

E      -      ae                                          Q     -         Ke

F      -     effe                                         R      -        err

G      -    ge/Je                                       S      -        ess

H      -    agah                                        T       -        te

 I       -     ee                                           U      -        Oo

J       -    Jota/je                                      V      -        Ve

K      -     Kappa                                      W     -       dablu

L       -    Elle                                           X      -       Seis


Zero                       Zero

One                        Um

Two                        dois 

Three                     três

Four                       quatro

Five                        cinco

Six                         seis 

Seven                    sete

Eight                      oito

Nine                       nove

Ten                        dez

Eleven                   onze

Twelve                   doze

Thirteen                 treze

Fourteen                quatorze

Fifteen                   quinze

Sixteen                  dezesseis

Seventeen             dezessete

Eighteen                dezoito

Nineteen                dezenove

Twenty                   vinte 

+ Numbers, Meeting People, Colours and Conversation at the Restaurant
4 lectures 15:57


Twenty One                    vinte e um / uma

Twenty two                     vinte e dois / duas

Twenty three                   vinte e trêz

Twenty four                     vinte e quatro

Twenty five                      vinte e cinco

Twenty Six                       vinte e seis

Twenty Seven                  vinte e sete

Twenty Eight                    vinte e oito

Twenty Nine                     vinte e nove

Thirty                                trinta

Forty                                 quarenta

Fifty                                  cinqüenta

Sixty                                 sessenta

Seventy                            setenta

Eighty                               oitenta

Ninety                               noventa

Hundred                           ce

Numbers 2


Black                                                       Preto

Blue                                                         Azul

Brown                                                     Castanho

Gray                                                        Cinzenta

Green                                                     Verde

Orange                                                   Laranja

Pink                                                         Rosa

Purple                                                     Roxo

Red                                                          Vermelho

White                                                      Branco

Yellow                                                     Amarelo 

Gold                                                        Dourado

Silver                                                       Prata

Bronze                                                    Cobre                                      

Bronze                                                    Cor de cobre

Lavender                                                Lilás 

At the Restaurant
+ Articles, Professions, Weather and Portuguese Salutations
4 lectures 16:23


Definite and Indefinite articles         –        Artigo Definido e Indefinido

Definite article: used to indicate that a thing is unique in some way.


  •  O carro – The car

(O / the – refer to a specific car and not to any car)

Indefinite article: used to indicate that a thing is not identified as unique.


  •  Um carro – A car

(Um/ A – refer to any car)

In Portuguese the article must agree in gender and number with the noun, which means that the definite article o, for example, should precede a singular and masculine (as you could see in the first example –“O Carro”).


Definite – singular /plural


Indefinite – singular / plural

                               A / Some


O  /  Os

Um / Uns


A      /  As

Uma     / Umas

o livro – the book   / os livros – the books

um carro – a car  / uns carros – some cars

a casa – the house / as casas – the houses

uma menina – a girl / umas meninas – some girls

Feminine and Masculine Words in Portuguese

Masculine words

Usually nouns ending in “o” are masculine words. But words ending in “ão” can be either masculine or feminine. Masculine words take the masculine articles.

Examples of masculine words:

o medico – the doctor

um garfo – a fork

os pratos – the plates

Examples of masculine words ending in “ão”:

o coração – the heart

o chão – the floor

Examples of feminine words ending in “ão”:

a mão – the hand

a lição  – the lesson

Feminine words

Usually words ending in “a” are feminine and they take the feminine articles. But there are some exceptions, like for example words ending in “ema” or “grama” that are masculine

Examples of femine words:

a mesa – the table

as cadeiras – the chairs

uma cama – a bed

Examples of masculine words ending in “grama” or “ema”:

o programa – the program

o problema – the problem

o sistema – o sistema

o poema – o poem

Portuguese Salutations
+ Vocabulary, Nouns and Indicatives in Portuguese
3 lectures 08:48

Indicatives in Portuguese

Eu               -                I

Tu               -                You

Você          –                You

Ele              -                 He

Ela              -                 She

Nós             -                 We

Vocês          -                You all

Eles              -                They

Elas              -                 They

Presente do Indicativo

With verb      -         Ser

Eu Sou               -                      I am

Tu és                  -                      you are

Você é                     -                 you are

Ele é                       -                  He is

Ela é                       -                  She is

Nós somos             -                  We are

Eles  são                 -                 They are     (Masculine)

Elas  são                 -                  They are    (Feminine)

Indicatives in Portuguese - Indicativo
+ At the Hotel and Courtesy
2 lectures 06:52
At the Hotel
+ Calender, days of the week and some useful
3 lectures 06:59



   1. Spring                                                                 Primavera

   2. Summer                                                              Verão

   3. Autumn                                                               Outono

   4.. Winter                                                                Inverno


January                                    Janeiro

February                                  Fevereiro

March                                      Março

April                                         Abril

May                                          Maio

June                                         Junho

July                                          Julho

August                                     Augusto

September                              Setembro

October                                   Outubro

November                               Novembro

December                               Dezembro


Days of the week

Monday                         Segunda feira

Tuesday                        Terça Feira

Wednesday                   Quarta-feira

Thursday                       Quinta-feira

Friday                            Sexta-feira

Saturday                        Sábado

Sunday                          Domingo

Days of the week

Some useful words

Calender                                 Calendário

Day                                          Dia

Days of the week                  Dias da Semana

Public holiday                        Feriado

Season                                     Estação

Month                                     Mês

Week                                       Semana

Some Useful words
+ What next?
1 lecture 00:27

This was the introductory course for Learn Portuguese. If you enjoyed it and would like to learn more Portuguese, 

you can get the more series of course by looking at my Udemy homepage that I will add in future. By clicking on the “Learn Portuguese” Courses by “Sandeep Mondal”.

Many thanks for watching and listening to my course. I realize there are many Portuguese Courses available on Udemy, but I hope you found mine beneficial and the method is quick and easy to follow.

Be ready for the next course “Learn Portuguese - Fast and Easy Method” Course 2

Meanwhile I am working on new lectures to forward the course.

That’s it for now! If you have enjoyed this course, share that with others by leaving a review, or feel free to direct message me with any comments.

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