Learn PLC in Hindi

Starting from Scratch
Free tutorial
They can make PLC logics
They can wite the PLC with sensors and actuators
They can design their own trainer and start programming it


  • Basic knowledge of digital electronics
  • Understanding of voltage and current
  • PLC Simulator required - included in the course


This course is specially for beginners who wants to start learning PLC from scratch. The lessons are structures from basic to mid-advanced level. The students get free PLC simulator to practice their logic. The instructor is using Delta DVP12SE PLC for making lessons along with FACTORY I/O software for explanations. The course has been structured into following main topics:

  1. Understanding PLC Fundamentals
  2. PLC wiring with AB and Delta PLC
  3. PLC Programming
  4. Application Example algorithm using PLC

The students can utilized the knowledge gained in this course in their science projects and instructor is always available to solve their queries related to the course. This course is not entirely in Hindi but Hindi + English as there are specific terms which cannot be converted to Hindi. The instructor has wide experience in teaching PLC for more than 10 years. 

Who this course is for:

  • Students looking for basic PLC tutorials

Course content

6 sections46 lectures8h 47m total length
  • PLC basic fundamentals and wiring
  • PLC Wiring- Allen bradley Micrologix 1000 (1)
  • PLC Wiring- Allen bradley Micrologix 1000 (2)
  • PLC Wiring to Programming
  • Relay Latching and Unlatching
  • Relay Latching and Unlatching Exercise 1
  • Relay Latching and Unlatching Exercise 2
  • PLC Control circuit
  • PLC Scan time
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  • Updates in Industrial Internet of Things


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Rajvir Singh
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I'm a Mechatronics Engineer & a passionate teacher. As an engineer i'm involved in Control circuit designing. flexible education training designing & research work in various elements of IIoT Automation like PLC, HMI, Drives- VFD & Servo, IIoT devices, OPC UA, MQTT and Cloud connections.

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