Learn Next.js with tailwind CSS, MongoDB and Express.Js

Build fullstack next.js applications
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Learn Next JS from scratch
Learn how to style Next JS applications with Tailwind Css
Integrate Node JS in your Next JS applications
Store Data in MongoDB


  • React JS experience is required and JavaScript experience


Utilize the power of nextjs and build full stack applications.

This course we will be using react, tailwindcss, mongoDB and express.js and we will build a dummy blog.

You'll learn how to use nextjs features such as file based routing, server side rendering, SEO and lot's more.

Nextjs is a framework, a javascript framework built up on reactjs. It offers much more such as file based routing, Server side rendering, image optimization, bulilt in api route e.t.c

We will also use expressjs as our server side language, this is because next.js offers us built in api and we've to write node.js code. Also for storage, we will be using mongoDB. MongoDB is used for storage, it is a no-sql database and we will use their atlas service to be able to store data and retrieve data in n

In this course, we're going to utilize the full potential of next.js and build a dummy blog application. where we will experience file based routing, server side rendering, incremental static generation. Don't be left out and let's dive in and enjoy the full potential of next.js together.

By the end of the course, you should feel confident, using nextjs in your own project

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for those that want to utilize the Power of nextjs and build full stack applications. This is not a beginner course in React JS, so React experience and JavaScript experience is required


Fullstack web developer
Alaribe Bright
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 47 Reviews
  • 4,820 Students
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Fullstack web developer, love progamming and love teaching... Work with technologies such as React, Nodejs, MongoDB, Docker, Css, Angular, Nestjs, Python etc..

I've been programming for over 4 years now and my aim is to be able to transfer my knowledge to others.

Hope you get to enjoy and find the contents useful.

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