Learn Monster GODJ

You can learn how to use Monster GODJ and how to mix and make music with Monster GODJ !
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Learn how to use Monster GODJ


  • Student have to prepare Monster GODJ


'Learn Monster GODJ' is a 12 video lecture series designed to show you how to practice and master the Monster GO-DJ in a very short span of time. For this course, you will need both a Monster GO-DJ and/or speakers/headphones. Throughout the course you will be instructed by our professional 'DJ Pinnacle TheHustler' who will be showing you all aspects such as: How to mix, How to produce music, How to use the equalizer, how to record, and how to create your own music. This video series will turn a newbie GO-DJ user into an advanced user in no time!

Who this course is for:

  • Monster GODJ users
  • DJs

Course content

1 section12 lectures53m total length
  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction of Monster GODJ 1
  • Introduction of Monster GODJ 2
  • How to manage your music list
  • Let's play music !
  • Basic things you must to know
  • How to mix
  • Loop & Beat jump
  • Effect
  • Vinyl mode
  • The way of making simple music
  • The main set up of each page


Monster Godj
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Born and bred in Cincinnati, Ohio, Pinnacle thought he had seen it all, until he faced homelessness, racial discrimination, depression and financial deprivation in South Korea, but he survived. "Going from homeless to radio show host to being on the cover of a magazine can only be attributed to two things, God and my hustle", proclaims Pinnacle.

Since 2008, Pinnacle has worked relentlessly to build the Hip Hop scene in Seoul, South Korea through his entertainment company, Planet Hustle, by performing live, DJing and booking American DJs and performers in the Seoul metropolitan area. Pinnacle is the embodiment of a hustler and his mantra of hard work is manifested through his newest release, Work To Do The EP.

Pinnacle TheHustler has a progressive spirit and seeks to spread his message of hope through music production and lyrics that create a powerful combination of passion and inspiration.

"Life sucks sometimes; friends die, family members discourage you, managers fire you. How are we to make progress when our situations are so bleak? Hope guides us through our darkest hours and a strong work ethic leads us to the light. To succeed in this world, we all have to be hustlers." These words leave little room for misinterpretation and the understanding that Pinnacle's music and message isn't for everyone. Hustlers only.