Master MongoDB, the NOSQL leader with Clarity and Confidence

Learn MongoDB - Updated Every Week 100+interview Questions 100+Quizzes 60+Assignments mongobooster java C# nodejs php
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (725 ratings)
35,279 students
Master MongoDB, the NOSQL leader with Clarity and Confidence
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (725 ratings)
35,279 students
Work with MongoDB with Clarity and Confidence
Use 4 tools MongoCHEF, NOSQL Manager, RoboMongo, MongoBooster easily
Do Regex, GridFS , Replication , Sharding, Full text search
Basic and Advanced CRUD operations using MongoDB
Import and Export data from MongoDB
Work MapReduce, Embedded Documents,Save&Insert , indexing, capped collections, TTL
Bonus section * Use java,C#,PHP,Nodejs to access MongoDB features like CRUD, GridFS
Bonus Section * A 50 minutes MongoDB key feature exercises
100+ Quizzes 40+ Activities


  • Must have Basic computer skills
  • Very Basic JavaScript Knowledge
  • Basic know how about databases

More than 80+ ***** 5 Star Reviews

its all in one for all level all roll if you DBA or developer iam devops and work with mongo for about 4 years but these course help me to make farther progress in the area -Almaamon Rasool Abdali Hussain

Lots of hands-on demos and samples. -Michie Reigle 

Great teaching and good material so far -Nícolas Lima

good content and excellent explanations-Benjamin Abba

MongoDB is undeniably creating huge impact among enterprises , challenging oracle and other established vendors.

Do Search in the Google for - mongodb ranked 2nd next to oracle

Do Search in the Google for - DBRankings Mongodb

With a huge list of well known customers, its being used by top technological companies such as SAP, Expedia,EBAY, Craigslist, BOSCH,Amadeus, AOL, SAGE,CISCO, EA and many others in completely different Verticals. 

Do Search in the Google for - who uses MongoDB 

This course will provide you with greater information and confidence to explore mongoDB , without loosing interest and  its easiness.

The course is updated Every Week. It has 100+interview Questions 100+Quizzes 60+ Assignments with 5 tools, 4 languages.

 MongoDB when compared to traditional databases, is 10 times simpler in installation, management and in features. Its simply the Modern database,for the cloud era. 

The course is clearly organized into 4 sections, with  7 most important things to know about MongoD, Thinking about MongoDB topics,which will help the students to think and derive the MongoDB features ,before they get into the details of it.

In this Course I'm Covering the basics with JSON ,4 Useful tools to learn mongodb easily and  advanced topics such as sharding , replication, Mapreduce.

Two Very Useful MongoDB BONUS Sections

Bonus section 1 -Learn MongoDB < 50 Mts - Get a Quick Bootstrap on Key topics. A very useful one. 

Bonus Section 2 - Work with MongoDB using 4 programming Languages

  1.   Java
  2.   C#
  3.   PHP
  4.  NodeJS

The course contents are updated Every Week .

Who this course is for:
  • Developers
  • IT Professionals
  • DB Professionals
  • IT new Comers
11 sections71 lectures11h 52m total length
  • Course Overview
  • An Interesting and Important Pre-course Preparation
  • Basics Quiz
  • Six simple Assignments Before you start with the course
  • Lets Think About MongoDB, to understand it better.
  • Basics Quiz
  • *Bonus Section -Learn MongoDB < 50 Mts - Get a Quick Bootstrap on Key topics
  • *Bonus Section: 4 Programming Languages - MongoDB - C#, NodeJS, Java , PHP
  • 100+ Interview Questions
  • What are the Core 8 Questions to Understand MongoDB
  • Why MongoDB is Important
  • What are the Key Parts of MongoDB , You will learn later
  • What are the Key features of Mongodb to focus at?
  • MongoDB Basics Activities 2
  • MongoDB Basics
  • MongoDB - 20 Simple Questions for Self Learning
  • MongoDB Basics
  • 11 Simple Resources - To Boost your MongoDB Learning
  • MongoDB Basics
  • How to Install MongoDB?
  • Mongodb Installation on Mac, easily using HomeBrew
  • Whats in the Installation Package
  • MongoDB tools Bundled with
  • What is JSON ? Learnt it Easily with good set of tools
  • JSON Basics
  • What are the 4 tools to Easily learn MongoDB
  • CRUD using RoboMongo
  • MongoDB Basics
  • CRUD using MongoCHEF
  • MongoDB Basics
  • CRUD using MongoBooster
  • CRUD using NOSQL Manager
  • Common Questions to be asked
  • How to load test data in Variety of formats to MongoDB?
  • Loading Test data to MongoDB
  • Queries Part1
  • MongoDB Basics
  • Queries part2
  • MongoDB Queries Basics
  • Update Queries
  • Delete Queries
  • MongoDB Tools and SQL Converter tools
  • Arrays Part1
  • Arrays Part2
  • MongoDB Queries Related Activities
  • Arrays Quiz
  • MongoDB - How to Validate a Document - An Important Topic
  • Full Text search
  • Small Challenging Activities for more Confidence
  • Text Search Basics
  • Javascript with Mongodb
  • MongoDB in Deep - Activities
  • Challenging Assignments for Software enthusiastics
  • GridFS
  • GridFS Basics
  • Gridfs Interesting Activities
  • Aggregation Part1 Basics
  • Aggregation Part2
  • Aggregation Basics
  • Aggregation Part3
  • Simple Aggregation Activities
  • Sharding Basics
  • Sharding Part2
  • Sharding Basics
  • Sharding Part3
  • Replication
  • MapReduce Part1
  • Map Reduce Part2
  • Map Reduce Basics
  • Map Reduce Activities - Similar to Aggregation Pipeline
  • Regex
  • Regular Expression Basics
  • Regular Expression Challenges
  • Indexing
  • Index Basics
  • Indexing in detail. Interesting activities
  • MongoDump & Restore
  • MongoDump and Restore Basics
  • Capped Collection
  • Capped Collection Basics
  • Capped collection Interesting things to do
  • Embedded Documents
  • Embedded Document Basics
  • TTL Index
  • TTL Basics
  • Save Insert Difference
  • Save Basics
  • Programming Activities - Refer to Bonus Section for Programming Languages
  • MongoDB - Java Part1
  • MongoDB - Java Part2
  • MongoDB - Java Part3
  • MongoDB -Csharp Part1
  • MongoDB -Csharp Part2
  • MongoDB -Csharp Part3
  • MongoDB -PHP Part1
  • MongoDB -PHP Part2 Installation
  • MongoDB -PHP Part3
  • MongoDB -PHP Part4
  • MongoDB -PHP Part5
  • MongoDB - NodeJS Part1
  • MongoDB -NodeJS Part2
  • Python with MongodB. Enjoy it
  • MongoDB in Less than 50 Minutes - Part 1/5
  • MongoDB in less than 50 minutes - Part 2/5
  • MongoDB in less than 50 minutes - Part 3/5
  • MongoDB in less than 50 minutes - Part 4/5
  • MongoDB in less than 50 minutes - Part 5/5
  • Bonus Section: MongoDB the key topics in a short time. A Quickie todo.

Sr.Architect ,Senior Solutions Developer , Entrepreneur
Gandhi Kumarasamy Sezhian
  • 4.4 Instructor Rating
  • 928 Reviews
  • 44,850 Students
  • 2 Courses

I'm Sezhian Gandhi Kumarasamy , currently associated with a Leading Global Telecom service provider as a Sr.Solutions Developer.

I have started my career with Coldfusion 18 years back and worked with two Fortune 500 firms back in India. 

My Passion is to work with new tools and Technologies.

I specialize in software tools. Learnt and worked with 80+ tools , the recent being docker , xamarin, redis, postman,selenium,soapui .

Has delivered more than  41+ projects till date , using technologies java, java spring , J2ee, C#, WPF, Xamarin,IONIC, C++, Python, Angular, React , Jquery, SQL, Dialogic, SQLBI,REST,SOAP, CORBA,FreeSwitch, Oracle, mysql,Postgres, R, Android,MongoDB,Spark, Swift,Sharepoint, ASP.NET, Laravel,PHP, Wordpress,Automation, Maven,Postgres,Selenium,SOAPUI, Jmeter,Jenkins, Autoit,Labview ,Redis,Cassandra etc.

Currently working on Bots,Tensor flow

Love to work more on SQLBI, DSC using Python ,Laravel,AWS. Waiting for more opportunities.

Learning to use AI for image processing and NLP for a side project.

By grace, im working with a firm, where I have the independence and budget to select the best  tools and architecture for every project .