Intro to Chi Energy [Prana, Ki, Lightwork, Reiki, Lovelight]

A Solid Foundation for Your Energy Practice
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Feel your chi, the lifeforce energy within you
Move chi around the body
Learn to ground


  • Desire to learn about energy
  • Open Mind
  • Ground to Stand On


Before you can travel through time, heal yourself and others, and quickly manifest reality, you need to feel the energy fields inside and all around of you. You can feel and use them through love. You can learn to manipulate these energy fields to as much as you wish to, but for now, just focus on feeling the energy all around you, inside of you, and connecting you to all.

This course is designed to take the beginner or journeyman to the next level by giving you simple exercises to feel your chi. This introductory course has at its core personal experience, your experience of chi. This gives you a new dialogue to open up with your body.  I hope to catalyze this for you by creating a space (albeit virtual) for you to open your mind and look into your body.

Whatever your goals for your chi practice, it is good to seek out as many sources of information as you can. I (The author) have no certifications or other qualifications other than a decade of having fun with chi. Other teachers have a different upbringing in these disciplines that may be more in tune with your learning. Seek as many teachers, books, and resources as you can, focusing on the teachings that resonate with you. Please check out Mantak Chia and his instructions for safe chi practice. 

What this course will teach

  • Brief history of the Chinese glyph
  • How to get chi flowing in a specific place
  • How to move chi from place to place
  • Basics of grounding
  • Using love for safe and effective chi practice

What this course will not teach

  • Discerning Yin from Yang Chi [Push from Pull]
  • Programming Chi
  • Powers and Limits of Chi
  • In-depth moves designed to help with chi flow
  • History of chi work

I am most joyous when I am learning and teaching. Are you too? Check out the Aquarius Academy on Facebook for more awesome things to learn!!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to develop physical, mental, and/or spiritual skills
  • Anyone interested in chi, reiki, qi gong, ki, tai chi
  • Martial Artists


Designer, Artist, Evolving Consciousness
Douglas Butner
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I love to learn and teach. I am a free-spirited creator and artist in many disciplines. My courses focus on selling art online, energy work, and music. I teach what would help a younger me, including the strategies I used to sell over 20,000 copies of my artwork without advertising, energy techniques I have learned to unlock human potential, and tips to help musicians.

My Life

I grew up near Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, and I am currently travel-living as a digital nomad thanks to selling art and teaching online. I plan to keep traveling, creating, and learning from this amazing planet as long as I live!

My purpose on Earth is love. Love is the greatest teacher, healer, and creator. I believe when the individual chooses to love all unconditionally, that feeling lights up the whole world instantly. That is the world I want to live in, so I choose to. I hope to inspire others to find this vibration in their own way.

My Projects

I created Current X Change, a company that makes apps that allow creators to share their creations on a global map for all to see and vote on. You can try out our first web app, cXc Music, at cxc .world and learn more about our vision at currentxchange .com.

I also started Aquarius Academy (aquarius .academy) an open academy of consciousness. Our mission is to help evolve planetary consciousness with love. We distill conscious content to help seekers connect with the right information for their point of their journey.

I started fashion lifestyle brand Live in Love liveinlove .life and also sell my art on POD sites like Redbubble & Society6, and stock photography sites like Adobe Stock and Shutterstock.

Infinite love,

- Douglas

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