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HTML and CSS through Web Development
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Define the basics of HTML.
Create a link within a web page.
Use cascading style sheets.
Create a web page.


  • No experience needed. You will learn in depth from here.


This course is a diverse one as it offers different parts of not only HTML and CSS but much more. Students learn about the script tag, and how it can be used to write JavaScript code in their HTML files. Students will also be introduced to useful JavaScript methods that can be used to alter the state of the CSS and HTML of a webpage, as well as how the Document Object Model supports the ability to make such changes. HTML is one of the most important components of Web development. Students will learn this and enjoy learning. Learning should be fun so that people can take a lot of knowledge and give it to others as well.  This course is for beginners and the students will love it! This course is designed to start you on a path toward future studies in web development and design, no matter how little experience or technical knowledge you currently have. The web is a very big place, and if you are the typical internet user, you probably visit several websites every day, whether for business, entertainment or education. But have you ever wondered how these websites actually work? How are they built? How do browsers, computers, and mobile devices interact with the web? What skills are necessary to build a website? With almost 1 billion websites now on the internet, the answers to these questions could be your first step toward a better understanding of the internet and developing a new set of internet skills.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to describe the structure and functionality of the world wide web, create dynamic web pages using a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, apply essential programming language concepts when creating HTML forms.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner programmers curious in computer science.
  • People who love learning!


Muhammad Muhaammad
  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
  • 35 Reviews
  • 1,071 Students
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Hello there, my name is Muhammad and I love teaching. I have started teaching coding since it is very interesting and I belong to this field. I teach because I love it. Since I've joined this field, I haven't hated it ever since and feel like this was meant to be. I'm in love with computer science.

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