From Scratch to Profi: Test, Locators, HTML, ID, CSS, XPath

write robust web locators to write test automation scripts that are likely not to break. Learn Ids, Classname, XPath
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why to write unbreakable web locators for web automation
selecting the best identification method to use
identifying elements on web page using Id, classname, other identifiers
identifying elements on web page using XPath


  • basic knowledge about web and HTML
  • willing to learn


Web locators are very important in web automation, whether for test or any other purpose. Because everything in web development go for Automation now, including integration in CI/CD pipelines and nightly regression tests, so web locators are nowadays more important than ever.

To write a web locator, there's a selections of methods available. Engineers have developed many ways to write web locators. Because in different situations, one or the other web locator may be fit for a specific case. Web locators can depend on Id, a classname, a type, a name or some other property. In other cases, we may be obliged to use XPath. Don't worry, the definition of each of these as well as examples and use cases are covered within this course.

We learn in this course what a robust web locator means. How we can write robust web locators. We also learn how to choose the best locator between the different types available for use.

To learn more about me and my work background, please visit my personal page. There's other courses on this subject, but I give you the reasons why mine is best for you. First, I come from technical background and have applied the principles in this course many times. Second, I give you complete examples while we learn so that you can see how to actually use the material and excel it. Third, I am always available to answer your questions or inquiries. Please write me and I will always reply to you.

I made the course classified into small sections so you can in the future revisit only parts you need to review your knowledge about.

It's a fun course, so let's get started right away.

Who this course is for:

  • web scrapers
  • test automation engineers
  • RPA Engineers


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Mohamed Soliman
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My name is Mohamed Soliman. I work as a QA and Test Automation Consultant. I live in Germany and have worked for many national/international clients in Europe/UK.

My main focus is to help software enthusiasts write better software. I faced of course many challenges during my career. I think, it will be for the benefit of everyone to share knowledge.

My courses will be first published free as I want them to be accessible for everyone. I am looking for your feedback and comments.

I will always make courses in English. I can teach also in German. If you like it, please let me know in a comment and I will organize courses in German then.

I wish you a pleasant learning Journey on Udemy!

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