Learn How to Play A Piano Song in 45 Minutes or Less!

Learn to play the piano from 6X Emmy Award Winner Scott Houston
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A new methodology to playing the piano for beginners or people who have tried but been unsuccessful in the past
Learn how to play 'Joy to the World'
Learn to play the C, F, & G chords
Learn more-advanced 4-note chords for the chord progression Cmaj7, Dmin7, Emin7, Fmaj7, G7


  • The courses are built strongly on applying what you learn as you go. Scott’s preferred recommendation is an 88 note keyboard with weighted action – digital or acoustic. However, any basic affordable keyboard with a minimum of 48 keys should do just fine to get started.


Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano? Have you tried traditional piano lessons before but couldn't stick with them? Are you ready to FINALLY cross playing the piano off your bucket list?

If you said YES to either of these questions, this course is for you.

My course is designed to rekindle the piano player in you and help get you started playing quickly with an easier methodology than is used in traditional lessons.  I designed my methodology to help you learn how to play the piano quickly with a few tricks. My course is NOT designed for those individuals looking to learn/ play traditional music. I don't focus you to learn the chords and scales but help you get started playing a song right away.

In my course, I will teach you how to play the song 'Joy to the World'. Although 'Joy to the World' may not be at the top of your songs to learn, it's a great song to help teach you the fundamentals of learning to play the piano with a song that your ear will understand. No Wigwam songs here! The fundamentals learned in this course can be applied to be able to play other C, F, G chord songs like 'The Christmas Song' and others!

Who this course is for:

  • Adult piano learners
  • Piano Beginners
  • Those looking to cross playing the piano off their bucket list

Course content

1 section10 lectures38m total length
  • Welcome! What's my secret?
  • Let’s Get Started
  • Learn Right-Hand Melody Line
  • Play Right-Hand Melody Line
    1 question
  • Simple Left-Hand Chords
  • Practice C, F, and G Chords
    1 question
  • Putting your hands together
  • Play "Joy To The World" With Both Hands
    1 question
  • More Professional Sounding Chords
  • Using The More Interesting Chord Changes
    1 question
  • Putting It All Together
  • Hands Together for First Part of Tune
    1 question
  • Learning the Melody For The Rest of The Tune
  • Playing Basic Chords With The Rest Of The Tune
  • Playing More Advanced Chords With The Rest of The Tune


Cross Piano Playing Off Your Bucket List
Scott Houston
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  • 436 Students
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Scott Houston is an experienced music professional with more than 25 years in the business. Known around the world as “The Piano Guy,” Houston got his start studying jazz piano and percussion at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

He went on to spend five years as president of a music publishing business and playing keyboard and percussion in rock, funk, and jazz ensembles. In 1997, Houston began exploring effective means to teach adult, non-musicians how to simply enjoy playing piano. His exploration led to the launch of his wildly successful pledge special for PBS in 2003.

Seen by millions of viewers nationwide since its debut, Houston’s program - which was dedicated to teaching adults how to have FUN playing piano - remains one of the highest-grossing pledge specials in public television history. Houston’s special grew into The Piano Guy, a weekly television series which ran for 14 seasons and secured Houston’s reputation as the go-to guy for adult piano lessons.

In the last ten years, over 17,000 people have attended Houston’s in-person workshops throughout the United States and Canada. His comedic and educational look at playing the piano is a hit with attendees wherever he teaches. Whether it’s on a university campus or and a public television station, Houston effectively inspires and guides students to realize their dream of playing songs they love on the piano.

Today, spends his time writing a column for Making Music Magazine and teaching piano to his students through his online learning platform Piano in a Flash.

An avid swimmer, Colt’s fan and piano player, Scott currently lives in Indianapolis, IN with his wife Theresa and daughter McKenna when she is not off at college.