Learn How To Monetize Facebook

Making Good Use of Your Facebook
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Leverage their Facebook to give them financial freedom


  • You should have a basic knowledge in using the internet and have a Facebook account


Learn the fundamentals and concepts of becoming a facebook expert. Knowing the world of facebook will be priceless in the long term.

Build a strong foundation in facebook monetization with this video tutorial for beginners.

  • Facebook Monetization Strategies Overview
  • Opt- In Strategies
  •  Recurring Membership
  • Subject Matter Support
  • Content Delivery Strategies
  • Payment Systems
  • Replacing Members who Quit

A Powerful Ability at Your Fingertips

Learning the fundamentals of facebook monetization puts you in an advantage over your peers who also use facebook like you do. Facebook is FREE and is the biggest social medial platform in the world. Every traffic you will ever need is there.

Content and Overview

Suitable for beginners who need introduction into the world of internet business. Through this video course of 13 lectures and 20 minutes of content, you'll learn the basics of creating a funnel attached to facebook to generate traffic for your longterm use. Each video will show you exactly what to do.

Starting with creating an opt- in system where you will attract people to your system who will become your future asset. The course will then show you how to create a membership platform where those opting in will be given the option of paying for the content they are going to consume or have it for free. How the content itself will be delivered will also be shown.

You will also learn how to replace those who quit from your system. This will help you to always be in business. 

At the end of this free course, you will have the knowledge to create a facebook system that is capable of generating financial freedom for you.

Added to the video tutorials are some PDF resources to help you with the actual implementation of some of the steps described in the videos.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to create a business online

Course content

1 section • 13 lectures • 54m total length
  • Introduction
  • Getting Fans To Opt- In
  • Membership Overview
  • Your Subject Matter
  • Types Of Paid Facebook Membership
  • Payment Systems
  • Support Site
  • Delivering Membership Content
  • Additional Monetization
  • Strategies For Creating A Funnel
  • Strategies For Moving Members Off Facebook
  • Strategies For Replacing Mambers Who Quit
  • Conclusion


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