Learn how to craft a pet collar in less than 15 minutes

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Learn how to craft a pet Paracord collar with a quick single class


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A place where we teach the art with cords (paracords)!

Our main inspiration is the Pet world, we will teach you how to create different collars, leashes and bracelet from everything you have seen before, with a wide variety of colors and styles that can complement the personality of all pets. Adding a nice touch of innovation and style!

Create a unique product, with true energy and love in each creation. The Corda collars are not only elegant and original, but also strong and highly durable.

You will learn everything on online classes. This is a great business opportunity for a giant market constantly growing.

Who this course is for:

  • Pet Lovers who wants to learn how to craft special accessories for their furry friends
  • Who loves to craft handmade products

Course content

2 sections5 lectures32m total length
  • Paracord Collar in less than 15 minutes
  • Matching bracelet and leash ornament


Creative Artisan at Udemy, pet lover and Kitsurf champion
Caroline Ferrari
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Hi guys, I'm going to tell you a little bit about my trajectory, so we can get more close.

I will try to be brief, although I love a nice conversation :-)


Before starting the CORDA School project, I was a professional Kitesurf athlete for more than a decade, a profession where I was very happy and talented, I won some important titles, I was National Champion more than 10 times in different modalities in Brazil, I was South American Bi-Champion among several other titles. They were very intense years, many trips and competitions around the world. Oh, I also graduated in Social Communication, and I did an MBA in Sports Marketing between trips.

I could say that kitesurfing was where my connection with the cords really started. they have always been what made me fly over the oceans, winning titles and making my dreams come true, and so on, but now the CORDS are much more colorful.

If you want to know a little more about my sport’s history, I invite you to visit my personal website, everything is there, very complete. (carolfreitas)


Additionally to my profession as an athlete, I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and with my husband Paulino Ferrari I was also the marketing director of our company. One of the largest kitesurf and stand up paddle equipment stores in the country.

RAJA Bra as it was called was considered a top store in these sports in Brazil.

After years of success, we moved to the USA (Florida), chasing for more adventures.

Corda School Project
After a period of adaptation in the country, I started considering other things, it was a process, until I came across an international trip with the first collar from Paracord.

It was love at first sight. I thought it was incredible, I had never seen a collar like that. I always saw simple Paracord bracelets, but the collars I found in Europe, it was a big surprise, it clicked. I knew it was a sign of the Universe.

- "Here, Carol, here's an inspiration for you".

And of course I didn't think twice, when I returned to the USA I bought the Paracords and started the difficult mission of learning by myself. I never thought it was going to be so difficult, but my mindset was ready.

As you know the internet has a world of information, which is both good and bad. Because most of the time it is just mismatched information, often wrong, that confuse us a lot. I searched a lot for a course, focused on collars, until today I haven't found it. It has thousands of videos, but nothing structured, that actually makes us follow a learning logic.

With that it took me months and months, watching hundreds of videos, getting in the way, frustrating me, but as I said when I have a goal nothing stops me. I was seeking for solutions, I was structuring myself, testing a lot of things, writing down everything I could, and after about 3 months, I was rocking on it. Finally an Expert. Modesty aside, today I can properly say that I can do any kind of "wave". Only practice makes us perfect, and all I did was practice a lot. My profession of athlete taught me that well.

Again, I will mention.... the difficulties make us stronger, give us merits that are worthwhile. I believe that I have already erred everything that could be wrong in terms of Paracord. This gave me a lot of baggage and knowledge.

Well, after I became an expert I started making collars to sell, and suddenly it was “booming”. But it was so fast, there is no person until today that I show the pet collars, and they don’t get “crazy” to have it.

Because it is an artisanal process, production is made to order, and highly profitable, it is not a scale production process.

In one of my releases I sold 100 collars in just 3 days.

As it is a handcrafted and fully customized process, the value is immeasurable, I started to live by doing what I liked and did not give rise to demand.

I soon envisioned then the possibility of transforming all my knowledge into a 100% online course, and disseminating this art worldwide to transform other people lives.

I was convinced that this was my new life mission. CORDA School was born.

Very briefly and sincerely my friends, that's it. Our history is very recent, but our mission is huge. I wish from the bottom of my heart, to positively impact many people, to take this knowledge and this business and hobby opportunity to many more people.

What motivates me most now is to know that with this course, more and more people will be able to serve this market that is thirsty for new and different things, and more than that, it may be the main source of income for many families. You can be sure that I did my best of heart, turning nights, so that this course would be incredible and that you can, like me, live by handicrafts, have your own business, undertake, and even learn to practice as a hobby and give as a gift to your pets and friends with something authentic and exclusive, which is priceless. A chance to be happy doing something you love.

Come with me.