Law Of Attraction Manifest/ Control Physics Of Your Reality
4.7 (23 ratings)
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Law Of Attraction Manifest/ Control Physics Of Your Reality

Learn How Easy It Is To Control Your Reality! Learn how easy it is to have control of the world around you!
4.7 (23 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
98 students enrolled
Created by zach smith
Last updated 4/2019
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What you'll learn
  • You will learn how to physically control every aspect of thier personal reality
  • You must be able to integrate concepts

I want to welcome you to my online course " Learn How To Control The Physics Of Your Reality". You will find this information enlightening, empowering, inspiring, and profound. The knowledge that will be presented in this course will contain information that will change your life, the people that you interact with, and the generations that follow.

I will be presenting this information in a special format called integrating concepts. Our general education system does not teach this way so you have probably not been exposed to this methodology. Integrating concepts is quite simple, but such a profound way of learning new material. Concepts are simple individual illustrations that present ideas. Each concept reveals new information and is profound in its own unique way, but when you integrate the individual concepts together you begin to reveal a much bigger picture and powerful understanding. You integrate concepts together by defining common denominators.

The information that we will be covering in this course will be divided into two sections.

Section 1

1. What is your reality?

2. What your reality really is.

3. What is consciousness?

4. The universal law of attraction and consciousness.

5. The Emotional Guidance System.

Section 2

1. Universal Numerology

2. Sacred Geometry

3. Toroidal Energy Flow

4. Frequency and Harmonics

5. Inductance

6. DNA

7. Layers of Reality

8. Quantum Energies

9. The Keys To Power And The Master Numbers

10. Conclusion

I want to state that as you begin learning these new concepts your mind will naturally begin integrating them together utilizing common denominators.

Prepare to be enlightened and empowered!

Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to empower themselves with great knowledge
Course content
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+ What Is Your Reality?
5 lectures 35:27

Key takeaway: The reality that each individual experiences is unique and exclusive to that particular individual.

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Key Takeaways: Your reality is fields of energy frequency.

You are interpreting light frequency through your visual spectrum.

There are many frequencies of light that you cannot perceive such as gamma rays, ultra violet light, xrays, etc.

Your ears can only interpret certain frequencies of sound.

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Key Takeaway: Consciousness is vast and doesn't have a location. Consciousness is the universe. The engine of consciousness is focus. Law of attraction(magnetism) is the engine of this universe

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Consciousness Focuses Thought

Key Takeaway: There are only two emotions love and fear which is the absence of love. Your innerbeing is guiding you through your emotions to your desires. When you experience positive emotion your innerbeing is letting you know that you are moving in the direction of that in which you desire. When you are experiencing negative emotion your innerbeing is letting you know that you are moving in the opposite direction of your desires.

The Emotional Guidance System
+ Universal Physics
11 lectures 01:28:47
Universal Physics

Key Takeaways: Every aspect of our universe is based in numerology. Master numbers hold a very powerful energy of enlightenment, duality, and love.

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Key Takeaways: Everything in creation originates from feminine ( circle) and masculine (square) energy.

Consciousness is sacred geometry.( the docahedron).

Consciousness is fractal.

The platonic solids are tetrahedron, octahedron, Hexahedron, Icosahedron, and the docahedron.

In the Times of Plato and Pythagoras the knowledge of the docahedron( the ether) was forbidden.

Sacred Geometry

Key Takeaways: The energy of creation is torroidal and its number sequence is 1,2,4,8,7,5.

The torroidal energy creates polarity (magnetism) frequency, and zero point energy.

Everything in this universe is torroidal in shape. Your cells, your hearts magnetic field, the earth, our sun, our galaxy and the universe are all torroids.

Torroidal Energy Flow

Key Takeaways: Waves of potential energy are constant until consciousness begins to focus creating an interference pattern (standing wave/thought) that then becomes more complex creating atomic structure. Consciousness continues to focus and creates even more complexities of energy producing molecular structure and ultimately physical substances.

Harmonic frequencies are created by your feelings and thoughts harmonizing together within focused consciousness.

Frequency And Harmonics

Key Takeaways: Inductance is communication that is transferred between intersecting magnetic grids.

The Galaxy,the Sun, the Earth, and your DNA are in constant communication through inductance.

You have trillions of cells that make up your physical body and they all communicate with each other through inductance.


Key Takeaways: DNA is an interdimentional portal from higher dimensions of consciousness to the manifested biological two strand double helix.

DNA is comprised of 12 Layers(2 biological layers and 10 interdimentional layers)

You have the ability to access all 12 layers.

DNA contains your human akash( record of all of your human lives). Your DNA contains your galactic history, and your divinity.


Key Takeaways: There are layers that create your physical reality. They are as follows numerology, sacred geometry, torroidal energy flow creating frequencies. You interpret these frequencies with your visual spectrum.

Layers Of Reality

Key Takeaways: There are 5 quantum energies magnetics, light, sound, gravity, and DNA.

The mass of an object is created by magnetic fields.

The mass of an object can be transmuted by altering the magnetic fields creating a completely different structure in shape and form.

Magnetic fields are quantum and in order to shift quantum energy you need a quantum engine. DNA is a quantum engine.

When an individuals DNA is vibrating in a very high frequency that individual can manifest energy and transmute energy (matter transmutation).

Quantum Energies

Key Takeaways: To awaken the DNA you have to activate the keys to power.

Self love, benevolence, compassion, and high consciousness thinking are the keys to power.

The Keys To Power

In conclusion I want to state that the information that was presented to you in this course is profound and extremely powerful.

My hope for you is that this knowledge will be a gamechanger in your life, a catalyst to awaken the mastery within . Empowering it is, amazing it is, and life-changing it will be.

There is also great value here as well. This knowledge of magnetics will allow you to create inventions. Let this knowledge be a catalyst for you to become more familiar with how magnetism works.

Let this information inspire you to become a more compassionate person.

Let this knowledge inspire you to learn about matter transmutation, magnetic field manipulation, sacred geometry, and numerology.

Know that you are a multi-dimentional being.