Learn Google Sheets FAST!
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Learn Google Sheets FAST!

The easiest way to learn Google Sheets as quickly as possible
0.0 (0 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
29 students enrolled
Created by Laurence Kim
Last updated 3/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Basic spreadsheet design and use using Google Sheets
  • A computer, internet connection, and Google account

Do you need to learn how to create spreadsheets using Google Sheets as quickly as possible?

That's what this course was created for.

It's designed for total spreadsheet newbies, but even intermediate users will improve their spreadsheet skills by quite a lot.

After completing this course, you'll be able to easily:

  • create nearly any kind of spreadsheet from scratch

  • create basic line, bar, column and pie charts

  • format your spreadsheets for font, color and style

  • sort your data and create filters

  • understand how to use basic functions and formulas, and learn some of the most useful ones

  • merge, split, freeze and hide rows and columns

  • create and save macros to automate your work

  • add notes and comments to a spreadsheet, and share your work with others

Each lecture is as short as possible - most about 3 minutes long - and teach one concept or function at a time. Everything is clearly spelled out, with super crisp audio and video. The video will zoom in so you can clearly see what's happening on the screen.

Periodic exercises will reinforce what you've learned, and you can ask questions at any time.

Check out some of the comments I receive from my other courses:

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Who this course is for:
  • Beginners to spreadsheets and to Google Sheets
Course content
Expand all 41 lectures 02:13:03
+ Introduction
1 lecture 01:14

What we'll learn in this course and the best practice for getting the most out of it:  replicate each lesson immediately after viewing it!

Preview 01:14
+ Basic Spreadsheet Design and Functionality
7 lectures 19:03

This lesson starts us from the very beginning:  how to launch a new Google Sheets project and give it a name.

Preview 01:58

How to complete basic arithmetic functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

basic arithmetic

How to create and use formulas like: summing numbers, calculating averages, counting items, identifying minimums and maximums.


Basic cell formatting, including column width, row height, fonts, and colors.

Preview 03:34

Formatting numbers, such as adding currency, the thousands comma, increasing/decreasing decimal places, dates, etc.

formatting numbers

How to take a formatted cell or group of cells, and copy that formatting to the rest of a spreadsheet.

copying formatting

How to copy formulas and values.

copying formulas and values
Project 1 is creating a simple checkbook register, which is a useful and common reason to be using Google Sheets
Project #1: create a checkbook register
1 question
+ More Functions and Projects
13 lectures 41:00

How to add formatting, but only under certain conditions. For example, make the numbers bold, but only if they are > 1,000.

Preview 04:20
inserting rows and columns

You can merge cells together so, for example, two cells become one. It's a very useful function, especially when formatting a spreadsheet to make it visually easy to understand.

merging cells

This lesson will show you how to:

  • adjust column width and row height down to the pixel level

  • adjust column width and row height to automatically fit to the data

adjusting column width and row height

This lesson will show you how to sort your data in any order - ascending or descending. It will also show you how to set up filters so you can sort with a single click of the mouse.

sorting and filtering
This project will create a sales report, format it, and add sorting and filters.
Project #2: create a sales report
2 questions

Adding alternate row colors really helps your eyes follow big spreadsheets. Themes are helpful Google design suggestions. Let's do it!

alternating colors and themes

Large spreadsheets can quickly get difficult to analyze once you scroll and lose your column headings. You can keep your column in place by freezing them.

Preview 02:38

You can add multiple sheets to your project. This is useful because it allows you to group multiple data in the same project. For example, if your project is used to track sales, then you can have one sheet for 2020, another for 2019, etc. 

inserting sheets

You can insert images and drawings into your Google Sheets project. This lesson shows you how.

inserting images and drawings

You can hide and group rows and columns to make it visually easier to analyze a spreadsheet.

hiding and grouping columns and rows
Create an investment calculator - include new functions like alternating row colors, adding drawings, hiding columns and freezing rows.
Project #3: create an investment calculator
2 questions

Anchoring a cell is very useful if you are using formulas that point to a specific cell.

anchoring a cell

Suppose you want to reformat a spreadsheet so the columns become rows, and rows become columns. That's called "transposing", which this lecture will explain.

transposing rows and columns

Macros let you record an instruction or series of instructions. They are very useful if you often are performing the same actions over and over again.

creating macros
Project #4 will have review anchoring, transposing and macros
Project #4: anchoring, transposing, and macros
2 questions
+ Charts
8 lectures 18:34

In this lecture we'll create a new chart from scratch, and review the different chart style options.

creating a chart

In this lesson we'll edit chart titles and chart legends.

chart titles and legends

This lesson will review adding labels to your data for clarity, changing data colors, and adding trend lines.

data colors, labels and trend lines

Adding an axis label, setting axis minimums/maximums, and adjusting grid lines.

axis labels, axis formatting and grid lines

Try switching the rows and columns on a chart. It will give you a new perspective on the data!

switching rows and columns
editing the data range
pie charts

Charts aren't just for use within Google Sheets. You can copy, download and insert them into nearly any other program. This lecture shows you how.

copying and downloading charts
In this project you'll create a chart, make some edits, then copy and paste it into a Google Slide.
Project #5: Charts
2 questions
+ More Useful Functions
8 lectures 17:30

Dates will "auto-increment" when copying. For example, if you enter "January" in a cell and then copy it, the destination cell will now read "February". This lecture shows you how this works and how to prevent it from happening.

Understanding auto date increments

Check boxes can be very useful, especially when combined with the "countif" function.

Preview 03:31

The "today" and "now" functions allow you to easily input the current date and time into a spreadsheet.

the "today" and "now" functions

You can use the RAND function to generate a list of random nunbers.

generate random numbers

The concatenate function lets you combine text or numbers from several cells into a single cell.

combine cells using concatenate function

The trim function can clean up a spreadsheet by removing extraneous spaces.

eliminate extraneous spaces using the trim function

The upper, lower and proper functions let you capitalize or un-capitalize text quickly and easily.

the upper, lower and proper functions

"If", "and" and "or" are useful functions if you want to measure if certain conditions are true. For example, if evaluating candidates for a job, do candidates have required skills A and B?

the "if", "and", "or" functions
For this project, you'll practice a brief example for the functions that we learned in this section.
Project #6: functions
2 questions
+ Wrapping Up
4 lectures 10:05

Notes allow you to add information without actually affecting or changing the project in any way. They quick and easy to use.


Comments and sharing allow you to work with others on your project.

comments and sharing

Once you've completed your project, you can download it into Excel or PDF formats. You can also publish to the web or print it.

downloading and printing

Congratulations, you've completed the course!  Here are some of my other Udemy courses on technology and productivity. Please take a look!

wrap up