Learn Google Apps Script: From Level Zero
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Learn Google Apps Script: From Level Zero

Including Real World Application
4.4 (449 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,703 students enrolled
Created by Shahbaz Haidar
Last updated 9/2017
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What you'll learn
  • Learn how a software language works
  • Good Practices of writing lines of codes
  • Connect Google Spreadsheet with code and perform various operations on it
  • Running loops on data in spreadsheet
  • Using If Statements
  • Commonly used function in Google Apps Script
  • Creating Google Form
  • Sending Email from Spreadsheet
  • Setting up the script for auto trigger
  • Basic knowledge of Google Spreadsheet as it will help you to understand better the output and results
  • Not a must, but if you have some experience with coding with any programming language, it will help
  • Hunger for knowledge

Since I am a full time Google Spreadsheet and Apps Script consultant, with clients all over the world, I know what are the things that are important and should be taught to students.

Google Apps Script is a powerful tool by Google that takes the productivity of a team, or process to next level. One can use this to 

  • Automate data calculation
  • Fetching data from 3rd party software like Trello, Salesforce etc
  • Sending data to 3rd party
  • Connecting various sheets , Documents and other tools
  • Setting a trigger for an action, based on an event. For Example, send an Email, when form is filled

The best part of writing codes in Google Apps script is that you do not need to worry about hosting the code on a server and maintaining it. Google takes care of everything. You write the lines of codes and it is up and running. Above all, it is free.

Here are some thoughts by students of this course:

  • "This has been of the best course I've taken in Udemy. One can begin to apply the new knowledge to real world almos instantly. I cant wait to take another Shahbaz course. Thanks!!!"
  • "I really enjoyed this class -- I think for a beginner or even someone who has a little experience but needs to see more examples of how to use the Google Apps documentation, this is a great course. The pace of the course was also nice for beginners. You will not be an expert after you finish this course but you will have a good understanding of the fundamentals and you will be more comfortable using the Google documentation on your own. This course sets the learner up perfectly for a follow-up intermediate level course and it would be great to see this instructor add an intermediate level course to this one with more real world projects. Thanks for sharing your knowledge -- nice job."
  • "Detailed instructions at a good pace. The course was short and accomplishable within a certain time period ending with a real world application."
Who this course is for:
  • If you want to start coding, this course can help you a lot, as I have started from very basic and described how a software works
  • If yo want to pursue your career as automation expert, this course is very good starting point, as it will help you to achieve very complicated things in few steps.
  • If you have a hobby of using google sheet for anything and everything, this course is for you, to take it to next level.
  • If you use different tools by google like Google Sheet, Doc, Slide etc. and want to connect all of them to improve the efficiency, this course is definitely for you.
Course content
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+ Introduction
4 lectures 22:18

Google App Script is scripting language written over JavaScript that allows the user to perform all actions that is done manually on Google spreadsheet, to be done by code. This includes the action on the spreadsheet like copying, pasting, formatting, creating or deleting sheets etc. It also includes action from third party like reading data from other source and writing data to other sources like MySQL, Trello, Twitter, CRMs etc.

Preview 02:30

Biggest advantage of using GAS is that you do not need to have any external editor to write codes like Notepad, eclipse etc. You do not need to host the codes at some server to run. All of this happens inside Spreadsheet itself and google takes care of it.

script Editor: Where codes are written

In this lecture, we will write a code to access and write some string in one of cells of our google spreadsheet using app script. The steps that script follows is same as the steps we follow when doing a task manually. For example, if we need to type "Hello" in cell D3 of a spreadsheet called "Testing Spreadsheet" that has a sheet called "Sheet1", we will follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Spreadsheet
  2. Open Testing Spreadsheet
  3. Select sheet named Sheet1
  4. Select cell D3
  5. type

We follow the same step in GAS, and there are different codes for all these steps.

Writing the first line of code

Writing code is more of an art than science. There is no right way or the wrong way technically. But there are steps that has evolved because of experience and that forms the Best Practices. 

  1. Do not repeat your codes. If you are repeating same codes, something is wrong
  2. Name the variables that makes sense
  3. Add comments at places where you find necessary.

As you write more codes, you will keep on evolving your own set of rules and your own way of writing large codes.

Good Practices for writing Codes

We will cover basic General knowledge about GAS.

Know about Google App Script
3 questions
+ Handling Spreadsheet and For Loop
4 lectures 31:41

GAS makes connections with outside entity and then perform all type of action on that connected entity. In this lecture, we will connect our script to an external Google spreadsheet and edit, update the cells. 

In Similar fashion, in advance level, you can connect to any third party platform like twitter, trello, MySQL and play with the content.

Accessing an outside spreadsheet

Everything that you can do manually in a Spreadsheet, can be done using Google App Script. For Example:

  • You can write some  thing in a cell. GAS can do this
  • You can copy formula from one cell to other. GAS can do this
  • You can change colors . GAS can do this
  • You can add, delete, rename sheets. GAS can do iit

In this Lecture, we will see some of the actions and learn how to perform them.

What can we do with the Spreadsheets

Loop is one of the most powerful tool that let your few lines of code perform large set of action. This prevents repetition of code and also ease out changing the code. If you want to execute an action 20 times, and you have written 20 times the code, for changing one action, you need to change at all 20 places, but if it is done using loop, you just change at one place. The code is also neat and number of times the code need to run can also be a variable and decided in real time.

Introduction to for Loop

In last lecture, we run the loop only on single statement or single line of code. But Technically, a loop can execute a block of codes and will repeat all those codes written between {   }.

More on For Loop
+ IF Statement and Array
3 lectures 36:58
IF Statements
Array of Variables
Combining Array and For Loop
+ Commonly used Functions in Spreadsheet
5 lectures 28:26
CopyTo : Copying from one cell to another
Change Name, Hide and Show Sheets
Customized Menu
Pop Up Dialogue Box
+ Live Project 1: Send email with details of Google Form
4 lectures 30:05
Creating Google Form
Setting up For Loop
Automatically trigger the code