German with ChatGPT and AI: Learn German A1, A2, B1, B2 C1!

Master German with ChatGPT and AI: Speaking, Writing, Grammar, Reading, and Vocabulary in German from A1 to C1
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1hr 43min of on-demand video

German Conversations: Learn how to speak German to an AI and get corrected if you make a grammatical mistake
Learn how to use ChatGPT and AI to improve your German skills
German Vocabulary: Learn new German Words with ChatGPT
Writing in German: Get to know how you can practice writing for any level with the help of ChatGPT
German Text correction: Learn how get any German text corrected by ChatGPT
German A1 level: Learn German in a continous course for an A1 level with the help of ChatGPT
German A2 level: Learn German in a continous course for an B1 level with the help of ChatGPT
German B1 level: Learn German in a continous course for an B1 level with the help of ChatGPT
German B2 level: Learn German in a continous course for an B2 level with the help of ChatGPT
German C1 level: Learn German in a continous course for an C1 level with the help of ChatGPT
Perfect German Emails: Get to know how ChatGPT can generate perfect German emails for you
Reading German: Get to know how you can practice reading in German for any level with ChatGPT
Learn German Grammar: Practice German Grammar with ChatGPT


  • It is (highly) recommend to use ChatGPT 4 for this course
  • No experiences needed
  • The free Chrome extention "Talk-to-ChatGPT" is needed for the chapter: "Speaking German with an AI"


Imagine exploring the German language, not just by memorizing rules and vocabulary but by living it, conversation by conversation, with the latest AI technology as your guide. That's exactly what our course, "German with ChatGPT and AI," offers. It's a journey, a conversation, and a deeply personal exploration of German, tailored to fit your pace, interests, and goals, from absolute beginner to advanced levels.

We've harnessed the power of ChatGPT 4, the most advanced AI for learning German, to create a course that's as engaging as it is educational. It's not just about learning German; it's about experiencing it through written dialogues, improving your German pronunciation with AI conversations, and even managing the art of writing perfect German emails. We believe in learning by doing, and with our course, you'll be doing a lot—writing in German, speaking German, reading German texts for your level, and getting corrected—all with the support of an AI that understands your learning journey.

Why settle for traditional learning methods when you can have an AI companion that chats with you, corrects you, encourages you, and, most importantly, adapts to you? Whether you want to expand your German vocabulary, nail your grammar, or just get comfortable speaking in German, this course has you covered. Plus, we highly recommend using ChatGPT 4 for this experience to fully leverage its capabilities in making your learning process smooth, engaging, and effective.

Our approach is simple yet revolutionary: make learning German as natural as picking up your first language. You'll dive into real-life scenarios, from crafting emails to rewriting texts for clarity, always with instant feedback and suggestions for improvement. It's immersive, it's dynamic, and it's designed with your success in mind.

So, if you're dreaming of exploring the streets of Berlin, enjoying a Bavarian pretzel, or simply figuring out a new world of opportunities, our course is your first step.

Why choose this course?

  • Practice writing, reading, speaking in German with the help of ChatGPT

  • The course is created by an experieced native German teacher

  • The prompts used in this course were tested for many months

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who would like to learn German with the help of AI and ChatGPT


German Teacher and ChatGPT Enthusiast
Niko B.
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Hello, my name is Niko. With over 6 years of experience as an online German teacher, I have helped people from all over the world to improve their German effectively. My students include managers, programmers, entrepreneurs and doctors who have made remarkable progress through my innovative teaching methods.

However, my passion goes beyond just teaching German. As a big AI and ChatGPT enthusiast, I see enormous potential in the combination of language teaching and artificial intelligence. This has inspired me to develop courses for learning German as well as for the efficient use of ChatGPT.

In my Udemy courses, I offer practical lessons.

Each of my courses is designed to be understandable, compact and focused. My main goal is to enable you to achieve the best possible learning success. It fills me with great joy when my students achieve their goals.

Let's dive into the exciting world of AI and German together. I look forward to teaching you the art of ChatGPT and the German language and taking your skills to the next level!

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