Learn Docker with AWS ECS and Fargate for absolute beginners

Learn to containerize your application with Docker and AWS
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Learn the fundamental concepts of containerization and docker
Learn to use Docker images
Learn the concepts and create custom Dockerfile
Learn to create public and private Elastic Container Registry
Learn to provision and manage container on AWS cloud with Elastic Container Services
Learn to create AWS fargate cluster and task
Learn to create AWS ECS with EC2 cluster and task
Learn to create AWS ECS Service


  • Understand basic Linux shell commands
  • Docker Desktop installed


In this course you will learn how to run docker application on AWS cloud with the help of AWS ECS Fargate and AWS ECS (Elastic Container Services) with EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud).

Firstly you will learn how to containerize an application using Docker, the container management tool. It is ranked 1 in "Most Loved " and ranked 2 "Most Wanted" platform" in the 2019 and 2020 Stack Overflow Survey. This depicts the demand and popularity of Docker, that is shooting up and beyond.

Then we you will learn how to push docker image to AWS ECR (Elastic Container Registry), a cloud based registry used to store docker images.

After that you will learn to create public and private repository and how to use them. Finally you will learn  about how to use AWS ECS. It is used to provision and manage containers on AWS cloud. It has two launch type:

  1. Fargate (Server less) and

  2. ECS with EC2.

With Fargate, containers are deployed on AWS cloud without managing infrastructure where as with ECS with EC2, you will get full control over infrastructure by managing EC2 directly.

Meanwhile you will also learn how to create clusters, tasks and services. Tasks and Services are important objects of ECS to run containers from docker image.

Who this course is for:

  • Software developers
  • Sysadmins aka System Administrators
  • IT professionals
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineers


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