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Learn all the importance concepts about Core Python, Numpy and Pandas
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  • Basic programming


The course covers Core Python, Numpy and Pandas.  Numpy and Pandas are stumbling block for many people who venture in machine learning. This course  will help students to understand machine learning code as Numpy, Pandas are the building blocks for machine learning. Please note this is not a machine learning course. Please note that I have covered only core concepts of Python and there is fare more to Python than what I have covered.

Google Python Notebook is used for code.

Following are the topics in Core Python.

  • Setting up Google Notebook

  • Variables in Python - String, Integer, Boolean

  • Python Blocks

  • If else statement

  • While Loop

  • List operations

  • Range

  • Functions

  • Modules

  • Exceptions

  • File Handling

  • Dictionaries

  • Tuples

  • List Slices

  • List Comprehensions

  • String functions

  • Any,All operations

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Magic methods

  • Class and Static methods

Following are topics in Numpy and Pandas

  • What is Numpy

  • Numpy - Add, Subtract, Multiply

  • Numpy Dot Product

  • Numpy Slicing

  • Mixing Integer Indexing And Slice Indexing

  • Numpy Array Indexing

  • More Array Indexing

  • Boolean Array Indexing

  • Numpy Sum

  • Numpy Reshape

  • Numpy  Tensors 1D, 2D,3D

  • Numpy Transposing

  • Numpy Broadcasting


  • What is Pandas

  • Pandas Series

  • Pandas Series Index

  • Pandas Advantage Over Numpy

  • Pandas Loc and iLoc

  • Pandas example - Finding Max

  • Pandas Series Addition

  • Pandas Apply Function

  • Pandas DataFrames Introduction

  • Pandas DataFrame Index, Loc and ILoc

  • Pandas Sum Along Axis

  • Pandas DataFrame Addition

  • Pandas DataFrame ApplyMap

  • Pandas Reading A CSV File

Who this course is for:

  • Developers interested in learning Python
  • Developers interested in learning Numpy
  • Developers interested in learning Pandas


Demystifying Machine Learning
Vishal Kumar Singh
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Vishal Singh has 20+ years of IT experience. He has seen software from the FoxPro and Clipper days. He has hands on experience in designing ML systems. Has worked extensively on machine learning NLP problems in bio science for gene extraction from text. The course design is based on his personal experiences of mastering machine learning

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