Learn Conversational UX on Pepper the Robot

Build a chatbot for Pepper to create an amazingly natural, conversational humanoid, robot interaction.
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Those who take this course will be able to build a dynamic, interactive conversational agent for Pepper the robot.


  • Understanding of basic technical concepts.


This course teaches how to build an interactive, conversational experience on Pepper using the new Pepper Chat / Host platform for Pepper from SoftBank Robotics America. The course teaches how to use Google's Dialogflow (chatbot technology) to create a chatbot specifically for Pepper using SBRA's native Pepper Markup Language. The course then teaches how to pair the chatbot to a Host / Pepper Chat account and then activate the chatbot onto an individual Pepper.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who owns a Pepper or who would like to purchase a Pepper robot in North America.

Course content

6 sections12 lectures2h 20m total length
  • Introduction


Solutions Engineer/Technical Trainer at SoftBank Robotics
Daniel Schofield
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Daniel Schofield is a Solutions Engineer and the Technical Trainer for the North America market at SoftBank Robotics. He has worked in high tech for five years and previously in the media and video entertainment industry for five years. Over his years in the tech industry, he has worked toward becoming a software engineer, with experience in full stack application development, database management, data science, and technical project management. He has programming proficiency in Java, Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, & SQL. He previously led a technical team as a Solutions Engineer on the Google Play TV & Movies team, building software applications and reporting metrics for a large global operations team.