Learn contrast with this Paintology drawing

Continuing the Paintology drawing tutorials
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Understand contrast from doing this drawing
Learn digital drawing
Learn to use the Paintology app
Learn to make striking digital drawings quickly and easily


  • Have the Paintology app installed on your phone/tablet
  • Basics of drawing


Contrasts are an important feature of any drawing. With too little contrast the image can look flat and dull and similarly with high contrast and no mid-tones will lead to lack of depth.

You may have seen many drawings with gray or dark backgrounds and these types of drawings can be an excellent way to get into drawing if you are at a beginner or intermediate level. If you look at a drawing with a distinct white background, the drawing may not be as forgiving as say a gray background. This is due to contrast and a pure white background means you need to do a good job of the actual drawing as opposed to muted background.

In essence, a dark background for a drawing is helpful for you to focus on developing your techniques and the drawing will appear better than the same drawing on a pure white background.

In this drawing, we draw an apple set against a dark background but at the same time we play with the background effects to add an interesting twist to the final drawing.

Who this course is for:

  • Enthusiasts of freehand digital drawing with tablets
  • Artists wanting to make the transition from traditional to digital drawing
  • Digital artists who want to improve their techniques

Course content

2 sections8 lectures57m total length
  • Introduction
  • Installing the Paintology app
  • Loading your reference image for this drawing
  • Setting the background color
  • How to use the color picker tool


Passionate about digital drawing
Ferdouse Khaleque
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I come from a very technical background but like many folks, I am very passionate about drawing and painting. In the recent years I have rekindled some of the lost interest in drawing when I was young.

I have done extensive drawings using pastels, pencils, acrylics and watercolors. My new found love is digital drawing and how versatile this medium truly is.

I hope to express and share my passion through these tutorials.