HOT & NEW :Learn Construct 2 From Scratch and build games

Create Game Without Having any Prior Coding Experience
Rating: 3.3 out of 5 (29 ratings)
5,180 students
HOT & NEW :Learn Construct 2 From Scratch and build games
Rating: 3.3 out of 5 (29 ratings)
5,180 students
You will learn basics of game development, how games are being created
know about construct 2 engine like professional
you will dig deeper into other game engines as well
you will be able to publish your own game on playstores,web etc. and create a good looking portfolio


  • You Don't Need Any Prior Knowledge In Terms Of Programming

This course is for those who want to create games but don't have enough  Knowledge of programming Language , in this course we will discuss a coll drag and drop technology provided by construct game engine.

You can create cool games with construct 2 and then publish them on to different platforms , also you can monetize and earn money from them.

we will guide you to create games in this course and the publish those games on to differenet platforms.

Who this course is for:
  • any one who knows how to work on computer and have zeal to learn game development in construct 2
4 sections • 39 lectures • 3h 54m total length
  • Introduction to construct 2
  • Introduction to construct layouts
  • How to create Objects
  • Learning About Object's Behaviours
  • Concept of Layout Size And WIndow Size
  • How to Create New EventSheets and Layouts
  • Learning About Layers
  • Understanding About Templates And Empty Projects
  • Introducing With Flappy Bird Game
  • Seeing How Layout is Created
  • Working With Start Events
  • Understanding Game Layout
  • Understanding Game Events - Start
  • Understanding Global And Local Variables
  • Working With Movement Events
  • Working WIth Collision Events
  • Working With Scoring Events
  • Working With Background Events
  • Working With Obstacle Events
  • Changing Layout Size and Window Size
  • Adding Background Image To The Layout
  • Adding Some More Cool Objects To The Layout
  • Adding Behaviours To The Objects
  • Changing Property Values Of The Object Behaviours
  • Adding Game Events Part 1
  • Adding New Blocks Again
  • Adding Game Events Part 2
  • Adding Game Events Part 3
  • Adding Game Events Part 4
  • Adding Game Events Part 5
  • Adding Sounds to Our Game
  • Discussing MultiPlatform Behaviour of Construct 2
  • Testing And Publishing Construct 2 Game
  • How to Export Your Game to .exe File
  • Publishing Html5 Game To Web
  • How to Publish Your Game on to Facebook
  • How to Publish Your Game on to Playstore
  • How to Publish Your Game on to WIndows Store
  • Ebook TO Learn Construct 2 Deeply

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Abhishek Pathak
  • 3.3 Instructor Rating
  • 29 Reviews
  • 5,180 Students
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I am a YouTube and expert in the field of web development, I am a professional Front End Web Developer and Game Developer, I also like to teach students and share Knowledge with Other People, That's Why I search for ways with which i can teach students and Udemy Is The Best Platform For That.