Learn Construct 2: Creating a top-down shooter in HTML5!
4.3 (53 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,194 students enrolled

Learn Construct 2: Creating a top-down shooter in HTML5!

Construct 2: MADE EASY! How to make a top-down shooter with HUD elements, enemies, dynamic projectiles and more!
4.3 (53 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,194 students enrolled
Created by Jeremy Alexander
Last updated 9/2015
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What you'll learn
  • Implement simple solutions to advanced topics such as Enemy AI and Player Shooting
  • Learn how to create and separate event sheets for organized and efficient code.
  • Learn the basic principles of game feel and how to make our game not be dull
  • Learn the basic principles of game feel and how to make our game not feel dull.
  • Be comfortable splitting up our game into manageable chunks and adding minor details as you progress.
  • Learn how to use the shadowcasting abilities to make our levels have more depth.
  • Create enemy AI that are not overly complicated but complex enough to beat you before you have a chance!
  • Create a dynamic camera using C2's built in Scroll To and lerp function
  • Know how to make functions accept parameters for things like bullet accuracy and screenshake!
  • Push the free edition of C2 to it's limits however leaving a lot of room to tidy up with the personal edition!
  • Experience very frequent UPDATES to lectures and course downloads!
  • Learn intuitive ways of programming without actually having to type out code. C2 makes it the perfect balance for those who think logically.
Course content
Expand all 35 lectures 01:23:55
+ Welcome to creating your top-down shooter!
2 lectures 01:14

In this lecture we begin with an introduction of what we will be creating. We are making a birds eye view, top-down shooter in Construct 2. Construct 2 is an extremely efficient way of getting started with programming and making games.

Preview 00:35

In this lecture we learn more about me. I am always keen to hear what students think about my course and how they feel about what they have learned. Always keep an open line of communication as I will always get back to you!

Preview 00:39
+ Setting up our project file
2 lectures 02:53

In this lecture we walk through the basics of setting up our custom layout in Construct 2. We create a different layout than you are used to but nothing to out of the ordinary.

Preview 02:18

In this lecture we have imported our project sounds so we can have audio for our game and therefore make our game 10x more awesome!

Importing our sounds
+ Programming our player
10 lectures 27:53

In this lecture we start programming our player. Our player is obviously the most important game object and therefore we are going to have to spend extra time to make him just right.

Preview 02:35

In this lecture we add our simulated controls for our player movement. We also set-up the way our player looks left and right based on the mouse position.

Player Movement: Part 2

In this lecture we are giving our player something to rotate towards. To do this we need to add our mouse object so now we are rotating our player towards our mouse.x and mouse.y!

Player Movement: Part 3

In this lecture we add our player animation functionality for our 'Idle' and 'Shooting'. These are the two animations we are adding for our player but we have set it up so we can always add more if needed.

Player Animations

In this lecture we create our gun and set it up for programming! We have a lot of global variables to add so make sure you pay attention!

Preview 05:08

In this lecture we add a new event sheet called FUNCTIONS and we continue with our player shooting. By the end of this lecture we will have our player gun shooting the way it should.

Player Shooting: Part 2

In this lecture we talk about configurable bullet types and we draw and spawn a muzzle flash to add some pop to our gun when it shoots!

Preview 03:19

In this lecture we add a function with parameters. Once we do this we can add bullet accuracy for any bullet type we like!

Preview 02:00

In this lecture we implement our player health and subsequently death. By adding the functionality now we are providing an easier set-up later on for our end game.

Player Health & Death

In this quiz students will have to answer questions all about programming the player and it's functions.

Player programming quiz!
3 questions
+ Creating our Level
7 lectures 14:22

We are going to be adding walls for our player to bounce off of! This lecture marks the first step in setting up our level and making a game with our player!

Preview 02:14

Setting up our shadow casters can be tricky... fortunately I am here to help and make our level look totally awesome!

Adding shadows

FINALLY! We can move around the level. In this lecture we create our camera and we implement a camera lerp function so we can pan around the screen with the mouse!

Adding our dynamic camera

Nothing says awesome like destructible objects! This lecture is about adding simple tweaks to our game and making sure we cover our bases with bullet collisions!

Adding destructible objects and bullet collisions

The SECRET sauce of all video games. Time to add our screenshake and make it fully functional so we can always change it's settings depending on what happens.

Adding screenshake

In this lecture we add a nice static HUD to display some of the important global variables in our game. The HUD makes our game have purpose!

Adding our HUD

In this quiz students will be challenged from this past section on everything related to our level design!

Level Design Quiz!
5 questions
+ Programming our Enemy
8 lectures 20:32

Whoa. Enemy AI. HERE WE GO! In this lecture we start setting up our behaviors for our enemies. Get excited - it isn't as intimidating as you might think!

Preview 02:01

As we continue our enemy AI we make a new event sheet for our enemy and start implementing our previously set-up behaviors using code!

Enemy AI: Line of sight

Continuing with our enemy AI we need to keep tweaking behaviors such as speed and range and start to add instance variables for dynamic control!

Enemy Behavior: Part 1

Our final tweaks to our enemy behaviors before we make our enemy actually attack us!

Enemy Behavior: Part 2

Making our enemy bullets and our code for shooting! By the end of this lecture our game officially becomes tough. We randomize our enemy bullet shooting and start preparing for our end game!

Enemy AI: Shooting bullets

Man our enemy hates colliding with us! How can we make this better? In this lecture we tell our enemy to bounce off of our player by using linear interpolation.

Enemy Collision

In this lecture we continue with our already existing enemy death group and we implement a way for our game to track how many enemies are generated.

Enemy Tracking

In this quiz we test your knowledge on our newly implemented Enemy AI!

Enemy AI Quiz!
3 questions
+ What's next?
3 lectures 08:43

In this lecture we make our game over function and add meaning to our game. By giving our game an ending we are able to create our game for maximum replay-ability.

Meaning: Game over

In our FINAL lecture of our main course we tidy up our game and add our enemy random spawning. Once we do this our game becomes infintely harder and finally at a playable state. This lecture starts the wheel over again and now going further you will have the skills to create your very own top-down shooter.

Meaning: Random enemy spawning and finale!
Post your projects!
+ Updates
3 lectures 08:16
What would you like next?

In this Quiz I would like to find out how you are liking this course!

4 questions

In this lecture we discuss:

  • Reorganzing our layers
  • Creating a new tiled background
  • Using unbounded layout property to our advantage
BONUS: Creating an Unbounded layout
BONUS: Adding bullet shells
  • At least Construct Free Edition
  • No programming knowledge required although some previous experience is helpful


How to make an "top-down shooter" in Construct 2!


What is the course about?


This course is about creating an intense top-down shooter game. By using Construct 2 and it's extremely fast ability to get a thought out of your head and into code, we are going to be diving right into creating our game. This course is about understanding how we can take a very advanced topic and make it simple all thanks to Construct 2.


What material is included?


In the beginning of the course you have access to all of the assets used (art, animations, SFX) so you can make the same game along with me. In the download you will find the .capx we create at the end of the lecture!


What does this course include?


  • Simulated controls
  • Configurable shooting
  • Bullet accuracy
  • Dynamic Camera
  • Camera Screenshake
  • Enemy AI using Line of Sight
  • Enemy tracking
  • Functions and parameters
  • Muzzle Flash
  • Player health and death
  • End game
  • Random enemy spawning
  • Instance variables
  • Bullet shells
  • Pushing the limits of Construct Free but great for C2 Personal
  • All assets are free to use for commercial use.

The course is always being updated as is the game engine we are making!


Why take this course?


The lectures are quick and easy to understand. If you follow along with the provided assets you will easily find yourself able to create any kind of game once the course is over. I personally think that as soon as you finish the course you are going to want to add so much more to your own game that you are going to have no choice!


Is this course right for me?


If you have never programmed before this course is perfect for you. If you have programmed before this course is ALSO perfect for you. Whether you are just starting out or an advanced user you will find some of this information helpful.


How is this course structured?


I have structured this course in a way where we add the important things first and create the gameplay second. By creating and fine tuning the mechanics as we go we are able to understand everything Construct 2 has to offer and create an awesome game on the way!

I hope to see you in the discussion!

- Jeremy

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for the person who just wants to HONE THEIR CRAFT and make a video game.
  • If you don't like diving right into the content and want a course that explains every little iota, this course is not for you.
  • Those who have always wanted to make a game like this but thought it was too complicated will love this course!