Learn Complete WordPress for Building a Professional Sites

Huge Comprehensive Course For Teaching WordPress From A to Z.
Rating: 3.7 out of 5 (523 ratings)
46,996 students
Learn Complete WordPress for Building a Professional Sites
Rating: 3.7 out of 5 (523 ratings)
46,996 students
Build A Professional Web Sites
Manage Web sites
Control Web Sites
Manage Several Themes And Site Templates
Adding Several Functionality To The Sites


  • Computer
  • Internet Connection

This course will give you all the best information to learn WordPress and how to use it and how it works, we offers practices in editing for contents and managing  for the site and how to customize it. by the way you will learn how to create and manage hosting package on the server to setup the word press then you will be able to start learning how to customize your web site by WordPress, then you will be able to manage and create the contents of your web site likes pages and posts   with categories and tags you will take all information to add menu and widgets for the site then you will be able to choose the theme of the site which will provides how the web site looks and feel will be, you will be able to customize the theme will all activities and parts , well will discuss for 5 different themes in this course to see the variety of web site tasks and faces, so that  you  will be able to do the web site of blogs, newsletter, magazine, company, restaurant and media web sites, in addition you will learn how to add functionality to the site by using plugins like multilingual plugin , photo album plugin and social media plugins and poll plugins  at your site to get by the last a professional web site . in some section you will learn how to provides the user rolls for your web site as administrator , editor and other privileges , finally you will learn more about settings of the site, how it work and how it managed, that is all for this course be patient to see all of features of this course when you enroll this course.   

Some of the Important Sections and Lectures of This Course

  • what is wordpress
  • what is CMS
  • how to build your web site 
  • how to create database on the server
  • how to upload and install wordpress on the server
  • how to  manage contents on wordpress sites
  • manage posts and pages on wordpress web sites
  • how to define and moderate categories and tags at wordpress web sites
  • how to add media at wordpress web sites
  • how to manage third part media at your web site 
  • how to finding wordpress themes 
  • how to choose your themes 
  • how to manage and customize themes in wordpress
  • working with 5 different themes 
  • how to add additional functionality at your site by using plugins'
  • work with contact us form
  • adding professional albums 
  • adding poll and quiz 
  • deal with social media plugins 
  • User Roles in wordpress 
  • manage users at wordpress site
  • wordpress setting
  • customize your site by several settings 

Who this course is for:
  • This course is those who want to learn How to Build Professional Websites from A To Z
  • This Course For anyone interest with web technology
  • This course also for anyone works in blogs , newspaper, magazine, eCommerce site as author or editor
  • this course serve anybody work as web administrator on any company or office
  • this course help anyone to build web sites and to make his own office of web design and developer to make web sites for customers
  • this course help companies, restaurants, organizations and other socials over the world to manage their web sites
7 sections • 62 lectures • 8h 53m total length
  • Introduction
  • What Is WordPress?
  • How Content Management Systems Work?
  • When and Why To Use WordPress?
  • When The WordPress Not The Best Solution?
  • Getting Started with WordPress
  • Quiz
  • How to Create Your Data Base in the server?
  • How to Upload and Install WordPress on the web? Part1
  • How to Upload and Install WordPress on the web? Part2
  • Quiz
  • Logging In to a WordPress Site
  • Default Contents in WordPress
  • Pages in WordPress
  • Posts in WordPress
  • Categories and Tags in WordPress
  • Comments in WordPress
  • Custom Content Types in WordPress
  • Quiz
  • Using Media in WordPress
  • Adding Images to a Post or Page in WordPress
  • How to Create Image Gallery in WordPress
  • Native Audio Files Support in WordPress
  • Native Video Files Support in WordPress
  • Embedding External Media in WordPress
  • Quiz
  • Introduction To WordPress Customizer
  • Common Customizer Options
  • How To Manage Menus in WordPress
  • Working with Widgets in WordPress
  • Quiz
  • Introduction to WordPress Themes
  • Installing and Activating Themes Part1
  • Installing and Activating Themes Part2
  • Customize And Manage BresponZive Theme
  • Customize And Manage FoodyMagazine Theme
  • Customize And Manage Karo Light Theme Part 1
  • Customize And Manage Karo Light Theme Part 2
  • Customize And Manage Mediaphase WPlift Theme Part 1
  • Customize And Manage Mediaphase WPlift Theme Part 2
  • Themes and Templates
  • Quiz
  • Introduction to Plugins in WordPress
  • Finding and Installing Plugins
  • Customize And Manage Advanced Contact Form Plugin
  • Add Facebook Plugins to WordPress
  • Poll, Survey, Quiz & Form Plugins in WordPress
  • Gallery and Photo Album Plugins in WordPress
  • Quiz
  • An Overview of User Roles in WordPress
  • Default User Fields in WordPress
  • Super Admins and Administrators in WordPress
  • The Editor Role in WordPress
  • The Author Role in WordPress
  • The Contributor Role in WordPress
  • The Subscriber Role in WordPress
  • Custom User Roles in WordPress
  • Managing User Roles in WordPress
  • Quiz
  • Introduction to WordPress Settings
  • A Review of User Roles
  • WordPress General Settings
  • WordPress Writing Settings
  • WordPress Reading Settings
  • WordPress Discussion Settings
  • WordPress Media Settings
  • WordPress Permalink Settings
  • WordPress Plugin Settings Pages
  • Customizing the WordPress wp-config.php File
  • Quiz
  • The End .. Conclusions

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