Learn Coding from the Scratch

Learn how to program your own app. You've always wanted to learn how to build software or code a script out of the box.
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17,457 students
Program your own app
Analyse a code structure
Design your algorithm
Code your own script as a time machine
Build and deploy your program
Test your software
Find and debug your errors in the code
Learn about modelling your software
For training algorithmic thinking


  • You've always wanted to learn how to build software (or just whip up an occasional script) but never knew where to start. Today you do that first step.
  • You can download the software maXbox for free. You don't need to install it, just unpack and start the app.
  • Most of the lectures are independent from each other so you can jump into a topic you are intersted in.
  • You will be expected to know the basics of computer handling editors


The course is about learning to program.

The complete course is structured in 32 lectures (in 5 sections) which are tutorials as lectures to guide you with examples and tasks. You need about 30 days or a month to complete all 5 sections overall!

All lectures (tutorials) do have about 335 pages.

An easy to use open source compiler for coding and testing your examples / tasks is included with help files and support you through the course.

Imagine you are a programmer like Blix above. Our goal is to make him look cute nerdy, he looks very busy working with his dual monitor setup and his pile of books. I hope you guys love The Programmer as our guide as much as we do. You've always wanted to learn how to build software (or just whip up an occasional script) but never knew where to start. Today you do that first step.

Who this course is for:

  • This coding course is meant for beginners in programming and no prior knowledge is needed.
  • People who are intersted in coding and engineering some systems
  • It is a complete course over the most topics in software engineering and algorithmic thinking is nothing but a particular flavour of creativity
  • So you are eager to learn programming, ok let’s code a time machine!

Course content

5 sections32 lectures6h 45m total length
  • My First Program a Time Machine!
    7 pages
  • We program time and numbers
    12 pages
  • We need a Tool
    14 pages
  • Modular Programming
    5 pages
  • Object Oriented Programming
    9 pages
  • Internet Programming
    6 pages
  • Game Programming
    7 pages


Software Engineer
Max Kleiner
  • 3.3 Instructor Rating
  • 103 Reviews
  • 17,457 Students
  • 1 Course

        The  professional environment of Max Kleiner is in the range OOP, UML and  system architecture, including as manager, developer and publisher.  His focus is on IT security and simulators that need the power of the Delphi compiler.  As a teacher in a FH and factory behalf of a firm also microcontroller and the Web of Things have been added.  The published in 2003 book "Patterns concrete" is still relevant to the Clean Code initiative. 

My topics are:

  Training, Engineering, Consulting (TEC) 

    C, Python, Delphi, OCL, ObjectPascal 

    NT, Linux, XP, InterBase, SQL-Server 

    UML, MDA, ModelMaker, Together, SONAR 

    Projekt Management, IT-Architecture