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ArcGIS Pro is the new version of ArcMap
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Learn ArcGIS Pro from zero
Create, import data, analyze and generate final maps
Learn doing, through step by step use cases - All in the same environment of data.
Learn doing, through step by step use cases - All in the same environment of data.
Advanced ArcGIS Pro: Imagery, LiDAR data, Geodatabase, Story Maps, Layouts


  • The course is from scratch. So it can be taken by a geo-engineering professional or a design enthusiast.


  • Course Description:

Learn how to use the tools provided by ArcGIS Pro, starting from scratch.

This course include, the basic of ArcGIS Pro; data edition, methods to selection of spatial data based in attributes and location and creation of bookmarks.    Then, we include digitization of shapefiles, addition and digitizing layers, editing attribute and column attributes.

  • What will the user learn?

You will learnt to use symbology within features and labeling of points, lines and polygons.  Includes buffer analyisis, import of Excel data and georeference of images. #AulaGEO

To share data you will learn how to share data online and generate final maps.

Includes step by step excercises in the AulaGEO environment.

  • This course includes:

The basic with ArcGIS Pro

Clase 1: Let´s start with the ArcGIS Pro

Clase 2: Data selection

Clase 3: Use bookmarks

Creating and editing spatial data

Clase 4: Import data from Excel

Clase 5: Symbology data

Clase 6: Editing of attribute data

Clase 7: Labeling features

Clase 8: Digitization of geographic information

Clase 9: Georeferencing of images

Analysis data

Clase 10: Buffer analysis

Publishing contents from ArcGIS Pro

Clase 11: Map generation

Let´s do it in AulaGEO - step by step excercises

Clase 13: Implications of the change from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro

Clase 14: Exercise 1. Import CAD data to GIS

Clase 15: Exercise 2. Import coordinates from Excel for split a polygon

Clase 16: Exercise 3. Calculation of areas and composition of calculated fields

Clase 17: Exercise 4. Buffer Analysis

Clase 18: Exercise 5. Attribute labeling

Clase 19: Exercise 6. Thematization by attributes

Clase 20: Exercise 7. Digitization tricks

Clase 21: Exercise 8. Gereferencing images

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to improve their profile and expand their opportunities in geospatial design and analysis.
  • GIS users which have used ArcGIS Desktop versions and want to learn how to do the process with ArcGIS Pro
  • Enthusiasts and users of Geographic Information Systems


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