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Pausing and Reflection
Setting Your Intentions
Know and Prioritize Your Values
Goal Setting


  • All that is required is your willingness


SEE IT. BE IT. is a visualization session designed to help people narrow down their goals in order of priority. The session helps you on how to visualize your desired future and teaches consistency in pursuing goals. We believe in the law of attraction and by visualizing certain events or situations, a person can attract them. By visualizing it, they are also able to identify opportunities to help them attain those goals.

The session consists of four workshops with the main aim of helping participants start to see new options and new possibilities The sessions are;

Pausing and Reflecting - This session takes you on a journey with yourself. Pausing and reflecting helps us to identify what’s working and what needs adapting and it allows us to consider the impact of changes in the operating environment or context.

Intention Setting - ‘A magical Vision begins with a powerful intention’. This session will enable you to get clarity and allow you to set intentions right that even when you say No, You do not feel guilty for saying No.

Values - Values constitute our personal bottom line and your values should align with your vision. This session will help you prioritize your values from the most important to the least important and will help you focus on what truly matters

Vision Board - This is the final workshop. We believe at this stage you have clarity as to what you want to achieve and you are able to visualize your vision, ideas and goals, and steer your life towards actualizing them.

The four sessions were carefully selected to help you steer your life in the right direction. Every element of the programme is designed to help you do just that. It is designed to train people on how to be mindful of their intentions and achieve their full potential while inspiring others along the way.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for everyone who is willing to rethink what their lives could be and walk towards living a life they want


Leadership Coach
Oluwanifemi Aikomo
  • 2.5 Instructor Rating
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  • 1,112 Students
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Oluwanifemi Aikomo is a Creative, Seed-tender, Beacon and believer. He has helped nurture people and brands to their full potential in several capacities.  He’s the founder of  Motley inspires - a leadership coaching outfit focused on helping millennials and Gen Zers find clarity and set a path towards their desired future. He is also the brains behind the Boys to Men initiative, which equips high school boys with important life skills.

My firm understanding of my purpose means I’m very deliberate about the causes, organisations and initiatives I drive or contribute to. My intention is to sow seeds in the form of words and actions, everywhere I go so that people and brands can use those seeds to access the greatness that is inherent in them.

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