Learn 500 French Words with Flashcards and Make Sentences
4.0 (18 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Learn 500 French Words with Flashcards and Make Sentences

Build a vocabulary of 500 words with Flashcards and Learn to easily make sentences
4.0 (18 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
174 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Understand and Memorize French 500 Words with their masculine, feminine and plurals, where relevant
  • Construct basic sentences in French
  • Understand the basics of French grammar
  • There is no requisite except the willingness to learn the language

This course was designed to give students from all backgrounds and Levels a kick-start in French Language, taught fully in English. The course consists of Vocabulary Flashcards, plenty of Quiz questions and Explanation on How to Make Sentences. 


The main part of the course is on 500 individual words that will be taught using Flashcards in the form of pictures. The words have been chosen among commonly used, everyday life words that you can use at home, restaurant, school etc.. Unlike English, each word in French has a gender and the flashcards include The masculine and feminine and also plurals forms of the words where relevant. 

The flashcards contain color codes for the words to make it easy to memorize the gender and plurals.. 

To reinforce the memorization of the words, Quiz questions are part of the course between the lessons.


The course teaches how to make basic sentences without actually referring to any technical grammar words. 

The course has an indirect method of teaching grammar with basic explanation that are equally effective as technical explanation.

Who this course is for:
  • The course is for those who want to get a foundation in French Language
  • It is for those who want to acquire basic French vocabulary
Course content
Expand all 66 lectures 03:28:30
+ Introduction
2 lectures 11:44

A quick introduction to the Course and how to learn French Language.

Preview 05:01

This is an introduction to the French Language. Since you will be reading the french words, it is important to learn how pronounce french syllables.

Letters and Sounds
+ Words 1 to 100
15 lectures 54:56

French words for : Door, river, apple, beautiful, house, happy small, old, man, book

Preview 02:33

The first lesson is a very easy one. It is on how to use 'The' with things, people, etc...

Preview 06:29

Tall, boy, big, school, table, woman, broken, ugly, street, appointment

Preview 02:15

Stone, chair, tree, narrow, sea, cow, mother, fire, dog, sun

Preview 01:57

The lecture is on how to use A and An with the words.

Preview 03:46

Teacher, salesperson, brother, student, market, baker, garden, painful, moon, good

Preview 02:36

Poor, cat, cup, husband, cold, milk, wife, light, color, hair

Words 41 to 50


Quiz 1
3 questions

You learn how to make simple sentences using the verb 'To be'. The sentences will have template  A is B

Lesson 3 - A useful little verb 'To Be'

Mountain, short, rich, coffee,city, time, near, fast, sky, few

Words 51 to 60

Heavy, far, weak, nose, ear, face, blind person, delicious, bed, shop

Words 61 to 70

This is a follow up to the last lesson and in this lesson you will learn how to use 'I, you, he...' in simple sentences with the verb 'To be'

Lesson 4 - Make sentences with 'I, you, he..' and 'to be'

Hospital, meal, classroom, country, absent, expensive, egg, safe, lost, friend

Words 71 to 80

neighbour, money, chicken, pen, farmer, girl, shirt, bathroom, engineer, religion

Words 81 to 90

In this lesson you will learn how to negate the sentences that you learned in the previous lesson. 

Lesson 5 - To be or to be

Bedroom, peaceful, tea, meat, name, thankful, rain, lorry, paper, bright

Words 91 to 100
+ Words 101 to 200
15 lectures 48:18

Language, hand, sweet, toilet, water, prince, heart, sugar, star, watch

Words 101 to 110


Quiz 2
3 questions

It is useful to know how to say 'My, your, his, her,...' in french to express possessions.

Lesson 6 - Saying 'My, your, his, her,...'

King, bad, maidservant, afraid, hat, window, boat, year, word, month

Words 111 to 120

World, opened, duck, fruit, closed, difficult, dot, manager, line, church

Words 121 to 130

You will learn how to make sentences with 'This and These'

Lesson 7 - Saying 'This and These' in french

Buildings, easy, minister, sharp, child, restaurant, fan, people, airport, library

Words 131 to 140

Guest, dress, hungry, thirsty, sick, strong, new, hot, necklace, time table

Words 141 to 150


Quiz 3
3 questions

These little words that we use to link other words will be explained in this lesson.

Lesson 8 - On, in, under, of, ...

Red, blue, yellow, white, black, green, dirty, grey, tiger, smart 

Words 151 to 160

clean, earth, horse, foot, room, tongue, head, kitchen, unmarried, married

Words 161 to 170

You will learn how to use 'of' in french

Lesson 9 - Using 'Of' in french

Mouth, iron, car, eye, bird, night, university, sheep, elephant, youngster

Words 171 to 180

Village, fish, clothing, forest, law court, complete, lazy, week, wheel, lesson

Words 181 to 190

This lesson will teach you how to use the verb 'To have' in simple sentences.

Lesson 10 - Another useful little verb 'To Have'

Half, examination, different, company, festival, bus, cheap, price, question, passenger

Words 191 to 200
+ Words 201 to 300
14 lectures 41:47

Nurse, grape, deaf, bank, banana, christian, spacious, bartender, glass, assistant

Words 201 to 210
Quiz 4
3 questions

Descriptive words are used to add a description to a word e.g the word 'big' in 'big sandwich' describe the size of the sandwich.

Lesson 11 - Description words

Dawn, answer, picture, spectacles, snake, tooth, evening, broom, stick, morning

Words 211 to 220

Sunset, bell, bread, beard, soap, mud, length, pharmacy, surprised, rice 

Words 221 to 230

Simple sentences with verb in the present will be taught in this lesson

Lesson 12 - Verbs

Clinic, barber, office, medicine, pupil, dark, thing, sleepy, roast, baked

Words 231 to 240

Brown, weather, way, row, shoe, stranger, free, animal, available, keyboard

Words 241 to 250
Quiz 5
3 questions

In this lesson you will learn how to change the verb to another tense

Lesson 13 - Other Tenses

treatment, noise, tired, museum, desk, mirror, slow, beginning, thief, landing

Words 251 to 260

forbidden, family, useful, example, story, train, oil, dust, strike, bored

Words 261 to 270

This lesson teaches you how to build sentences to ask questions

Lesson 14 - How to ask Questions in French

wall, busy, present, wealth, sad, flour, gold, desert, fiancee, day

Words 271 to 280

cheese, garbage, light, silver, shade, speech, smoke, traveller, army, lake

Words 281 to 290

food, loss, courage, desire, group, news, fridge, spoon, harbour, starter

Words 291 to 300
+ Words 301 to 400
10 lectures 26:29

knife, sound, farm, seed, dead, promise, criminal, authority, permission, basket

Words 301 to 310

help, war, dumb, kingdom, exit, blood, singer, actor, waiter, wardrobe

Words 311 to 320

Pure, piece, stranger, leaf, journey, job, empty, body, wind, grill

Words 321 to 330

Shameful, beggar, invitation, government, state, right, pig, hotel, chocolate, lip

Words 331 to 340

Doctor, snow, lion, account, doubt, dream, jail, knee, mug, emergency

Words 341 to 350

Proof, game, spider, policeman, widow, salt, dictionary, finger, ball, swimming pool

Words 351 to 360

Airplane, grass, disagreement, vegetable, gun, wine, merchant, storm, lawyer, lamp

Words 361 to 370

Earthquake, liar, wedding, cloud, smile, laugh, fingernail, television, shout, shrimp

Words 371 to 380

Ring, monument, computer, island, furniture, lightning, thunder, wing, couch, bone

Words 381 to 390

Heel, honey, frog, onion, mosquito, crow, cucumber, ginger, garlic, pearl

Words 391 to 400
+ Words 401 to 500
10 lectures 25:16

Coral, ink, ship, horizon, tap, dangerous, ghost, joke, beach, skirt

Words 401 to 410

Soil, handicap, trousers, ankle, elbow, doll, responsible, politics, ice cream, chips

Words 411 to 420

Birthday, dance, seat, quail, octopus, embassy, coin, queue, kettle, squid

Words 421 to 430

Handbag, scarp, Christmas, purse, make-up, boots, plug, toothpaste, postmark, stamp

Words 431 to 440

Lipstick, supermarket, bicycle, washbasin, living room, theater, business suit, flip-flop, butcher, nurse

Words 441 to 450

Back pack, cap, calendar, strawberry, newsreader, travel agent, cake shop, fever, turkey, elevator

Words 451 to 460

Key, sand, station, earring, gift, beer, box, parcel, newspaper, paper

Words 461 to 470

Driver, forks, candle, palace, balloon, perfume, nightdress, cake, telephone box, remote control

Words 471 to 480

Suburb, skyscraper, bridge, price list, fire extinguisher, pregnant woman, pasta, flood, bottle, holiday 

Words 481 to 490

Underwear, landscape, cliff, waterfall, rainbow, fog, wallet, socks, drawer, clock

Words 491 to 500