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Lecture 1 shares a deeper insight into what wealth really means in life.
Lecture 2 clarifies the importance of passion in achieving success in life.
Lecture 3 clearly explains how conditioning negatively affects our every day lives and what we can do about it.
Lecture 4 finally reveals the importance of honesty and how it affects everything in your life.


  • A desire to seek understanding and meaning in your life


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Here are some reviews:

"He speaks the truth, we all think about material stuff not experienced until it's almost too late."

"I started the course with a good expectation. And on the way to completion I kept on getting great feeling of satisfaction as each stage has been a super learning. Content, presentation, engagement, experience....all excellent."

"Absolutely Wolfgang makes the videos with humour, fun and is right about how the world is and trying to make people's lives better."

"I enjoyed the course. A good kick in the pants for me."

"He was good, honest and definitely worth listening too. He has the knowledge to back up what he's saying"

"Thank you, Wolfgang for you very human take on this amazing subject. Here's hoping that you can open the eyes of the Sheeple."

"Amazing, felt it like a personal conversation . Learned a lot about mistakes I am doing everyday & how to recover. Thank you for a great gift."

"Outstanding course! Great information, very useful and informative. Well presented, easy to understand, and pleasant. I very much enjoyed both the presentation and the material. Thank you for a well-developed course."

"Dynamo!!! Hit the nail on the head. This guy is young to have learned so much! Wow!! I love it!!"

About the course:

The course consists of 4 videos; Abundance, Passion, Conditioning and Honesty. Each video is approximately 17 minutes and the entire course should take around 75 minutes to complete.

A bonus downloadable pdf E-Book of the course is included!

It will try to shift your thinking by giving you a clearer understanding of life and what you can do to achieve fulfilment.


I Believe in 'practicing what I preach' and as an inspirational speaker and feel it is important to share and give back. Me sharing this course for free is me 'walking my talk' and openly sharing my life experiences.

I GET IT! Each of us have grown up in different circumstances, cultures and belief systems, therefore we are all different. This course is about MY views of life. It is a straight forward, no holds barred, authentic and down to earth. Hence I get it that not everyone will agree with my points of view.

A speaker colleague of mine once said that if 51% of people like you, you are on a winning streak. Of all the reviews - over 95% have enjoyed the course and appreciated my frankness. It's not a course for everyone! Why? I believe that with all the political correctness, greed and entitlement today, we need more people to be openly frank and call a 'spade a spade'. Sadly, not everyone likes hearing this! Remember, this is a free course no one is forcing you to watch it! All I'm doing is trying to leave a legacy and make the world a better place. I trust that those of you who decide to watch this course see and realise that I am speaking honestly from the heart and my only desire is to try and help you find meaning within this crazy world we live it.

Who this course is for:

  • From age 16 upwards
  • Open minded individuals that have common sense and can appreciate real 'to-the-point' authentic advice


Memorable Magical Moments
Wolfgang Riebe
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As a Udemy teacher, what do students say about Wolfgang?

Your style effective and different than any other teachers I have ever studied.

Wolfgang is full of tips & tricks, has a cheeky sense of humor as he puts it, but not afraid to tell it like it is! He's very animated and makes this course engaging, entertaining and fun to watch.

That says it all! If you’re looking for a straight shooter that calls a spade a spade, shares real advice, gets to the point, talks for personal experience and offers value, Wolfgang is your man. Above all, he doesn’t have to prove anything. He has reached his dreams and has a hugely global successful career behind him; this makes what he teaches refreshingly authentic.

In short…

15M+ views on YouTube (inspiringtheworld)

1M+ people have seen him live.

100 000+ Global students participating in his online e-learning courses

1000+ self produced videos on YouTube

180+ TV shows & multiple prime time TV series

165+ Countries have experienced Wolfgang live

35+ Books - multiple & best selling author

TedX Speaker

Known as the German with a South African accent

He is one of less than 800 professional speakers in the world to have been awarded the prestigious CSP designation by the National Speakers Association of America in July 2012.

The son of German WW2 refugees who ended up in South Africa, Wolfgang started with humble beginnings and is a true example of ‘attitude determines your future.’ He started in the entertainment industry as a magician reaching his dreams of becoming one of the world's top corporate magicians and the greatest magician in the history of the African continent. The next step was to give back and share his unique life philosophy and become an inspirational speaker at meetings & events globally. Couple this with post graduate academic qualifications, hands on experience and a mover & shaker 'can do' attitude and you have one of the most passionate communications experts in the world today.

Today he lives in Geneva, Switzerland and continues to inspire students and business delegates live and virtually throughout the world.

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