Learn 4 truths that will change your life

Down to earth, understandable, practical and attainable truths that will improve your life?
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (467 ratings)
24,366 students
Learn 4 truths that will change your life
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (467 ratings)
24,366 students
Lecture 1 shares a deeper insight into what wealth really means in life.
Lecture 2 clarifies the importance of passion in achieving success in life.
Lecture 3 clearly explains how conditioning negatively affects our every day lives and what we can do about it.
Lecture 4 finally reveals the importance of honesty and how it affects everything in your life.


  • A desire to seek understanding and meaning in your life

Over 15 000 students on this course alone!

A no holds barred, authentic, down to earth free inspirational course teaching you how Abundance, Passion, Conditioning and Honesty can transform your life!

The course consists of 4 videos of approximately 17 minutes each and should take around 75 minutes to complete.

It will shift your thinking by giving you a clearer understanding of life and what you can do to achieve fulfilment.

Who this course is for:
  • From age 16 upwards
Course content
3 sections • 8 lectures • 2h 28m total length
  • Understanding what wealth is.
  • Find your passion in life.
  • The effect of conditioning on your life.
  • Being honest with yourself
  • Another added surprise bonus!
  • 4 Life Truths Downloadable E-book
    25 pages
  • Bonus Free e-book
    50 pages
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Mind Shift Master
Wolfgang Riebe
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From  best-selling  books, prime-time  TV  series',  founder of The  Riebe Institute,  and endorsements from most of the world's  top 500 blue chip companies  - he WILL shift your perceptions with his original & unique  approach.   

He  is without a doubt one of the most original speakers and entertainers  of the 21st century who has been heard live by over 1  million people  in over 150 countries  during the last 28 years and over 10 Million views on his You Tube Channel. He is one of less than 800  professional speakers in the world to have been awarded the  prestigious  CSP designation by the National Speakers Association of America in  July 2012.

He  started in the entertainment industry as a magician and reached his  dreams becoming one of the world's  top magicians  and the greatest  magician in the history of the African continent.  He could go no further, so the next step was to give back and share  his unique life philosophy and become an inspirational speaker.  He  is a past  President of the Professional Speakers Association of SA 2010 - 2012  and member of the German Speakers Association, PSASA and Global Speakers Federation.