Learn 3*3 cube within 1/2 hour easy tutorial

After taking this course you will be able to solve 3*3 cube even if you are beginner.
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Student will learn how to solve 3*3 cube in easy way no


  • Student should have 3*3 cube


Welcome to our course learn 3*3 cube within 1/2 hour easy tutorial.

In this course you will  learn how to solve 3*3 cube within 31minute. Course is easy. Course is short. This course is 31 minute long. there are 11 chapters.

All chapters are in  short video formats. So you will not get bored.

All videos are downloadable. so you can watch them offline and whenever you want.

You will learn easily.

In this course  you will --

1. You will learn how to make white plus sign.

2.you will learn how to put white corners. How to fix the white corners.

3. How to complete first layer.

4.how to complete 2nd layer.

5. How to complete 2nd layer.

6.how to make yellow L sign.

7.how to yellow line.

8. How to make yellow plus sign.

9. How to match side colours of yellow sign.

10.how to put corners on correct position.

11.how to complete third layer.

12. Basics of algorithm.

13. Completing the third layer with the help of algorithm.

Even If you don't have Rubik's cube right now you can take course. Understand and learn the steps easily. When after you will have cube. It will be easy for you to solve Rubik's cube.

I hope you will like this instructors effort . Get benefit from this course .

Who this course is for:

  • Want to learn cube

Course content

1 section12 lectures30m total length
  • Preview
  • Introduction of 3*3 cube
  • Colour position
  • Steps to solve cube
  • Making the white plus sign
  • Completing first layer
  • Completing second layer
  • Making yellow plus while matching side colours
  • Solving last layer
  • Basics of algorithm
  • Solving last layer with algorithm
  • Solving cube from start to finish


Love learning new things and teaching
Naresh kumar
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I love learning new things.first I have learned 2*2 cube . After I learned 3*3  cube. After that I learned mirror cube.Then I thought I should teach others how to solve.for completing this purpose I have made this course. Hope you will like my this effort. After taking this course you will be able to solve cube.enjoy learning