Lean Startup Management 101

An introduction to the Lean Startup Approach to management
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The Lean Startup Approach
Lean Startup principles and methodology
Garnishing customer feedback and its "philosophical approach"
The importance of "constant improvement" and limiting uncertainties


  • Have a mind ready and open to learn


The Lean Startup methodology have been used in a variety of different ways throughout the startup world. Companies such as Dropbox and even Zappos became very successful utilizing this approach. Even large multinational corporations such as the works of General Electric have utilized the Lean Startup Approach for their product feedback and development lifecycle. This method as discussed by Eric Ries, and a variety of other entrepreneurs changes the way we do business for the 21st century.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in entrepreneurship, management, or R & D
  • Anyone with early stage startups
  • Students who are in a business or even Engineering major
  • Seasoned business executives looking to "disrupt" their thinking

Course content

1 section15 lectures30m total length
  • Introduction
  • Lean Startup Principles
  • Entrepreneurs are Everywhere!
  • Entrepreneurship is Management
  • Validating Learning
  • Innovation Accounting
  • Build-Measure-Learn
  • Rule #1: Eliminate Uncertainty
  • Rule #2: Work Smarter not Harder
  • Rule #3: Develop An MVP
  • Rule #4: Learn When It Is Time To Pivot
  • How you are establishing customers?
  • The Continuous Innovation Chart
  • The Lean Startup Process - Diagram
  • 3 Examples of Lean Startup in Action


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