League of Legends General Guide

A guide for beginner-to-intermediate level League of Legends players to learn the basics of the game and its champions.
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Know how the League of Legends map works
Choose between 5 different roles
Know how to play on 3 different lanes
Use knowledge of items to maximum benefit


  • Have League of Legends installed on their PC
  • Have at least 2GB of RAM, 8GB available hard drive space
  • Support for DirectX v9.0c or better


This League of Legends Build Guide course is a beginner-to-intermediate guide to the game League of Legends. This guide's purpose is to provide beginner players with a detailed overview of League of Legends' gameplay, key tactics and information to give players a foot in front of their competition. By taking this course, students will learn all of League of Legends' rules (map, items, roles, lanes, game structures) so that they can start their gaming career on a powerful foundation. Also, students will learn the League of Legends language, which is very hard to understand for anyone without experience in MOBA gaming. Students will learn all about some of the game's characters (champions), so that they can start using them with the knowledge of all their in-game abilities. This will give the students a great advantage over others in their beginnings of playing League of Legends. This course provides a sturdy platform to help students through the learning curve on their way to becoming proficient League of Legends players. The course structure is very simple: it has 3 sections (base, champion and review), and the duration of the entire course is over 1 hour.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners or intermediate level players of League of Legends should take this course
  • People who have computer skills and a persistent nature should take this course
  • People who have problems with their vision and concentration should not take this course

Course content

3 sections11 lectures1h 4m total length
  • League of Legends Introduction
  • Items and Jungle


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