Leadership powered by Mindfulness - Level 1 for Beginners

How to build leadership skills and mind skills more attuned to a complex and rapidly changing world
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681 students
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Why leadership is so challenging today-The VUCA factors
Why certain mind skills are needed for leaders to up their game
Getting started with meditation as a means to build key mindskills that impact leadership
How to complete the rest of the course


  • A desire to improve your understanding of leadership and ability to lead
  • No previous experience with meditation and mindfulness required
  • A willingness to learn about and work with your mind as a way to improve performance and outcomes


Work and lead more effectively by learning to use your mind differently, by aligning it better to today’s complex world, and by expanding your leadership skills with state-of-the-art leadership practices that tap into everyone's contributions.

What's unusual about the LpM course is its inclusion of mind development practices and leadership elements. Why do this? Because of the cognitive and emotional demands we now face from a complex and rapidly changing world – those demands are really challenging us. At times they can seem overwhelming. You’ve probably heard Einstein’s famous saying that you can’t solve [big] problems with the same level of consciousness that created them. I think it is undeniable today that we need to see and think differently, especially when it comes to leadership. We need to upgrade our minds to understand better and deal with today’s complex challenges. After all, these challengers certainly have been upgraded regarding their volatility and complexity.

THIS FREE PORTION of the LpM course comprises the first seven lectures from section 1 of the full LpM course on our upgradingleaders website. Here's the overall structure of the free portion.

- Why meditation and mindfulness as a means to improve leadership

- Research findings on meditation and mindfulness and how they relate to leadership

-How to get started meditating.

The full LpM course is comprised of the following five sections.

-  Section 1: Overview and Getting Started

-  Section 2: Going Deeper with Meditation and Mindfulness

-  Section 3: Defining Leadership

-  Section 4: Compassion and Leadership

-  Section 5: Integrating Your Learning

Whether you are a working professional, manager, or senior executive, if you are interested in improving your leadership, I encourage you to take a look at this uncommon and effective approach. You can find the full LpM course at our upgradingleaders website.

I wish you the very best in your efforts to learn and grow.

Stephen Presley, PhD

Founder of Upgrading Leaders

Who this course is for:

  • Leaders and Professionals
  • New and experienced managers
  • Team and project leaders
  • Project managers
  • Hi-Potentials
  • Individuals in organizations who want to improve their performance and their mind
  • Meditators who want to add a bit more leadership skills to their skill set


An uncommon blend of teacher, leader, meditator, and artist
Stephen Presley, PhD
  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
  • 52 Reviews
  • 681 Students
  • 1 Course

Dr. Steve’s experience includes various technical, managerial, coaching, teaching, and meditation disciplines. He began his professional career as a space systems engineer and quickly moved into management. He then started the first ever Organizational Development group where he worked, including coaching managers, talent development, succession planning, and running the management and leadership training department. Given this new role, Steve embarked on a Ph.D. focused on adult development and leadership in complex environments. Steve began meditating to learn how to work with the mind. Fifteen years later, he’s studied with some of the planet’s finest meditation teachers (E.g., Dr. Dan Brown, Lama Alan Wallace, Lama Glenn Mullin, and Keith Dowman). As an adjunct professor at Chapman University, Steve teaches leadership theory and a course he developed called Leadership, Mindfulness, and Organizations.

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