Lead Guitar Lesson #2 - Alternate Picking Technique

Alternate Picking will become something natural for you
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The student that takes this course will get to the next level of guitar picking.
The Alternate Picking will become something so natural for the students of this course, just as natural as it is to walk.


  • You will need an electric guitar, a guitar pick, a guitar amp and a metronome.
  • You need to have some basic knowledge on electric guitar.
  • You will need to know how to read TABs as well.


This lessons is one of the many lessons of my Lead Guitar Program, where my goal as instructor is to make you a lead guitar player. If you have some knowledge on music and guitar, if you consider yourself a beginner to intermediate level guitarist, Lead Guitar Program is for you! 

On this program I will teach everything I use as a professional musician so you also can become a real Lead Guitarist. I will be straight to the point, with solid and practical information and techniques that will be part of your tool belt day-by-day.

Lead Guitar Program is design to get a beginner/intermediate level guitarist to become an advanced level guitarist.

On This Lesson

On this lessons we will cover one technique that is the fundament for for every lead guitar: the Alternate Picking Technique. I will show you in a very practical an easy way how to develop your this technique that it will become to you something as natural as walking.

I will talk from the basics like choosing a guitar pick and Palm Muting, and I will take through 16 different exercises that will make you capable to play like a lead guitarist you want to be.

Who this course is for:

  • Whoever wants to become a lead guitar player.
  • Whoever wants to get better on playing guitar, and would like to get to know how to become a lead electric player.
  • If you would like to bring your guitar playing to another level, you should take this course.
  • If you struggle with the Alternate Technique, this course will solve your problems for good.


Professional Guitarist, Music Producer, Music Instructor
Thomas V. Dekker
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Professional Musician, guitarist music producer and instructor, located in Vancouver, BC. 

I have more than 20 years of experience of teaching, and I've been playing on stage since I was thirteen years old. I've been playing guitar and making music for so long and doing it in so many different scenarios, that my experience gives my approach a very unique identity.

Born and raised in Brazil, where music is part of the day-by-day culture, I went to music university where I took a Music Producer program. Later on I moved to Canada where I took my Professional Program certificate. Course that usually takes four years to finish, but I did it in one. 

I was alway into music, at church, at rock and blues bands, as hired gun for a few other bands or just for a gig in studio. I always looked to learn more and more, with the best available where I was and with whatever I could afford.

I really think you will like my approach in my courses. They are to the point, easy to grasp and easy to apply.

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