Law of Desire: Create Like the Universe to Get What You Want

Ready to Go Beyond Manifesting, Vibrations, Frequency Emitting, Intentionality, and The Law Of Attraction?
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By the end of this course you will gain an effective and structured means to acquire what you desire via the Law of Desire worksheets
Bring the awe and pleasure of knowing back into your life once you learn how the universe creates and how you fit into her grand designs
Gain means to overcome the challenges we face when pursuing our dreams and desires
Understand the universe’s creative process and how to apply it in your life
Learn the importance of starting points towards creating an enchanted life
Learn how to better select and evaluate your choices and then, bring them into being
Methods to uncover your life’s mission, calling, and destiny
Simply become a happier and more fulfilled person!
This is the Law of Desire, The Secret, Manifesting, Intention, Raising Your Vibration and Frequency, and Positive Thinking all wrapped up into one!


  • No prior knowledge or experience is necessary, however this course does require you be curious, open-minded, and have a willingness to learn great truths
  • Have a genuine desire to truly learn how the universe works and how you can use her wisdom towards uplifting and enhancing your life
  • Be willing to apply yourself and complete practical exercises to learn the Law of Desire and ultimately use it to improve your life!


If you’ve ever been suspicious of claims you can get whatever you want by simply thinking it in into existence, guess what? Your suspicions are well founded!

It actually does require a focused effort to acquire the things you want to which, the Law of Desire system outlines the exact process in a clear, practical, and efficient program!

If you've also wondered what’s truly real in the swirling maze of acquiring and attracting systems, your suspicions are again well founded—all such systems are just a piece of a much larger puzzle of how the universe actually creates. The Law of Desire clears up this uncertainty and provides the ‘missing links’ via providing an all encompassing program based on the single and only true source of how to create—mother nature herself.

Know this one fact to succeed--you are a fully formed byproduct of the universe and are therefore, subject to its laws and processes. The process regulating what you create, and bring into your life is a process fully formed, owned, and operated by the universe. Through gaining a full understanding of how she creates, you are empowered to better select and control the things you create and bring into your life, including unearthing your destiny.

Based on Greg Bahora’s ground-breaking Law of Creation formulization, the Law of Desire shows how to put the universe’s authentic creative process to use in your life to acquire what you desire and create the enchanted life you always dream for!

Not only, you're able to consolidate all other systems (i.e. The Law of Attraction, Manifesting, Visualizing, Expressing Our Intention, Positive Thinking, Increasing Your Vibration, Raising Your Frequency, Fluctuating with the Quantum, etc.) under the single, all encompassing umbrella of The Law of Desire!

Who this course is for:

  • People interested in regaining control in their lives
  • This course is for anyone who is lost in the maze of self help programs and wants to discover the genuine truth about how the universe creates in nature and your life
  • Those that suspect Manifesting, The Secret, the LOA, Vibration, Frequency, etc. are only a part of a much larger whole
  • Seekers of deeper meaning, wisdoms, and spirituality
  • Anyone keen on transforming their life through a structured program based on the greatest wisdom of all—nature’s
  • Anyone who suspects that gaining what you want takes time, effort and focus. However, by applying the Law of Desire, you will your journey will be as efficient and trouble-free as possible


Author, Mystic, Lecturer, Man of Nature
Greg Bahora
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Greg has authored over nine books on his Centerlife life practice. He is a recognized master of life, personal development, and spiritual growth.

Greg draws on a wealth of knowledge and life experiences to create what some consider amongst the greatest ideas alive today including his revolutionary Centerpath, Centerlife, and Law of Desire formalization.

Greg’s background includes an analytic engineering background, a regional executive role, a spiritual transformation in 1998, and over 25 years travelling overseas and studying various religions and cultures.

Of all his sources of knowledge, Greg’s greatest teacher is nature herself. Having gleaned and mastered her timeless and all-encompassing wisdoms, Greg is considered the foremost expert on nature’s processes of creation and how they relate to our lives.

Greg is passionate about changing the world for the better and not only just through the Law of Desire. His life practice Centerlife provides groundbreaking techniques to uplift and enhance lives through emulating nature’s successful formula of nurturing the center of all creations. Not satisfied with individual growth alone, Greg also developed a system of governance labeled i-Citizen which provides a practical framework for society to govern itself again, in accordance with nature’s laws and wisdom.

If you want to live the life you always, increase your spirituality, gain meaning and purpose, and acquire what you desire, you have found the master you have been looking for!

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