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The knowledge of pressure points on the body and how to strike (activate) them with the correct angle and direction.
Strike and kick with 100% accuracy and confidence.
Use of pressure points to release the neck, release wrists, elbows, knees, once the joints are released then adding a lock or take downs become so much easier.
If you want to learn how to do fast and efficient knock outs.
For those who want to achieve a Black Belt in Kyusho Jutsu.


  • No previous experience is needed. All martial artist can use this understanding of Kyusho Jutsu to enhance their training or you can even learn to use these techniques even if you have no martial arts background.
  • There are 9 Modules to complete if you wish to obtain a Black Belt in Kyusho Jutsu, OR you can train in selected modules if you just want to gain an upper perspective, for example, in Joint Locks, adding the knowledge of pressure points to your knowledge of locks within your root art.


This is not a full course but a PREVIEW of my Kyusho Jutsu Black Belt course.

Kyusho Jutsu is not a martial art, it is a SYSTEM that studies how the body's nervous system works and it can be used within EVERY existing martial art to enhance your striking and kicking ability.  I can say that Kyusho Jutsu is the missing link.  Before Kyusho, I trained in Ninjutsu and as I trained I was in the dark on what I was doing.  Kyusho, opened the curtains, so to speak, and everything became crystal clear.  Now, I strike with 100% accuracy and confidence, I know the correct angle and direction to strike, and when I strike or kick a certain point, I know what the effect will be.  Pressure points explain so much, for example, I saw a combat training video, where the instructor was pressing on the neck to take down the assailant and he said if you press the neck here, the assailant would black out after a while.  So the question is, why does it work?  And can we duplicate that easily and in any situation?  Why it works is very easy to explain.  On the neck, there are 2 points one below the other called Stomach 9 and 10.  If you were to massage these points in an upward direction, it would increase your blood pressure and if you massage these points in a downward direction it will lower your blood pressure.  And it's common knowledge that if your blood pressure drops you will black out.  These two points can be used very easily to take down any person of any height.  You can use these same two points to raise anyone off the floor.  You can control and manipulate the body very easily, once you understand how they work and how to activate them.  That is why I said, with Kyusho, EVERYTHING BECOMES CLEAR.

You can use pressure points to release the neck, release wrists, elbows, and knees, once the joints are released then adding a lock or takedowns becomes so much easier. 

This is not a full course but a PREVIEW of my Kyusho Jutsu Black Belt course.

Who this course is for:

  • This is a PREVIEW of my Kyusho Jutsu Black Belt course.
  • For those who want to achieve a Black Belt in Kyusho Jutsu.


Grand Master Ali - Advanced Kyusho Practitioner
Grand Master Ali
  • 4.8 Instructor Rating
  • 515 Reviews
  • 13,389 Students
  • 41 Courses

I have been training in Martial Arts since 1997 in Ottawa, Canada.

I have a 7th Dan - Grand Master Level in Kyusho Jutsu under the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance and have been training students in my Malaysian Dojo since 2017.

Highest Ranked Kyusho Jutsu practitioner in Asia.

I have developed my own Black Belt program taking students from Beginner To Advanced.  It is by far the Most Complete, Comprehensive Kyusho Jutsu Program Available, Anywhere! And The Most Affordable!  I guarantee you that you will NOT find any similar or lower-priced program than what I offer.

I am the Director of Kyusho Jutsu Malaysia and the Director for Malaysia for Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance.  I am a Kyusho Jutsu Internationally Certified Teacher (KJWA). 

I have a Certificate with training as a Chi Energy Advanced Instructor. 

Advanced Level Training (Kyusho Institute)

I have a Level 4 Teacher Certificate in Humane Pressure Point Tactics and was the first person in the world to complete Grand Master Art Mason's HPPT program. 

I have a Black Belt in Ninjutsu and have trained in the following Black Belt programs:  Nan-Chucks, Bo Jutsu, Sai Jutsu, Ken Jutsu, Kyusho Int'l and Kyusho Institute.

Certifications in Massage include: Certified in Relaxation Massage, Professional Therapist in Cupping, Foot Reflexology, Thai Reflexology, Advanced Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Shiatsu Massage

Certificate in Bowen Therapy Massage:  Beginner and Advanced Levels.

Health Background: Certificate in Islamic Healing, The Ahadith of Medicine, The Art of Dream Interpretation in Islam, Muraqabah and Mind Peacefulness.

Certified in Acupressure and Brain Power Pressure Points.

Author: The Classification of Sickness.  My health book explores the root causes of sickness and recovery.

Developed courses in Health:  Beyond Healing with Kyusho Jutsu, Beyond Healing with Grounding, Earthing and Sunning, Beyond Healing with DIY MED BED, Beyond Healing with Chi Energy Healing, Beyond Healing with Brain, Stomach and Feet, Beyond Healing with Bowen Therapy and Kyusho Jutsu, Beyond Healing with Energizing Your Home, Beyond Healing with BioGeometic Signatures and Kosho Concepts: The Healing Arts.

Truth in Sight Series: Episode I: Master Ali and the Mystery of Gog and Magog [Solved], Episode II: Master Ali and the Mystery of the Ainul Hayat (Fountain of Youth) [Solved], Episode III: Master Ali and the Riptides of Astronomy, Episode IV: Master Ali and the Case of Outwitting the Devil and Episode V: Master Ali and the Case of the Law of Attraction.

I thoroughly enjoy working and teaching Kyusho Jutsu.  As we get older, our bodies tend to move slower, with difficulties rolling or kicking high, so understanding how the body works, we can use the opponent's body as a weapon against himself.

My philosophy of training is simple and easy to follow.  If you can't do it slow, then you can't do it fast. 

I am a full-time Kyusho Practitioner so you can email me anytime and I will respond as soon as possible.

If you have any questions before you get started or during your training, please let me know.

I look forward to working with you. 

Thank you

Grand Master Ali

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