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Learn How to Deploy Spring Boot on Kubernetes
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Learn How to Deploy a Spring Boot Application on Kubernetes
Create a Kubernetes Service for Your Spring Boot Application
Start and Stop Your Spring Boot Application on Kubernetes
Configure Spring Boot Actuator for Kubernetes


  • Basic Spring Boot and Java Experience
  • Basic Knowledge of Docker
  • Basic Linux Command Line Knowledge


Kubernetes is a container orchestration system used to automate software deployment, scaling and management.

Effectively, Kubernetes is a management tool direct the running of Docker images.

Kubernetes is actually much more than just a tool to run a Docker image.

However in this course, we will be running a single Docker image under Kubernetes. You will learn how to deploy a simple Spring Boot application (in a Docker image) under Kubernetes.

The course uses a publically available Docker Image. The image contains a Spring Boot Application, which exposes a simple RESTful API.

After learning how to set up a local Kubernetes environment for development, you will learn how to create a Kubernetes Deployment. A Deployment is how Kubernetes defines a Docker container to run.

Next you will learn how to configure a Kubernetes Service. A Service is how you direct Kubernetes to expose deployments to network resources.

Spring Boot has added features to support running in a containerized environment. Two of these are Readiness and Liveness probes.

The Readiness probe accounts for startup period of an application. Once the application has started and is ready for work, the Readiness probe will return a positive result.

The Liveness probe returns a positive result while the application is in a healthy state. Kubernetes can monitor the Liveness probe for application health.

Finally in the course, you will learn to configure a graceful shutdown. This allows the Spring Boot application to complete any inprocess transactions before the container is terminated.

If you're looking to get started running your Spring Boot applications under Kubernetes enroll today!

Who this course is for:

  • Java and Spring Developers who wish to deploy their Spring Boot Application under Kubernetes


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