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Welcome to Amigoscode's Kotlin free crash-course! Multinational companies such as Meta, Netflix, Amazon, Uber, TwitterPinterest have all switched to Kotlin. This includes everything you need to gain the fundamental skills for this Modern Programming language.

Whether you're new to programming or have some experience in other languages, this course will guide you through the essential concepts and skills needed to start building applications with Kotlin.

  • Short and Concise: You can learn the fundamentals all in just 2 hours!

  • Job Opportunities: Kotlin Developers are wanted in the mobile development, game development and web development industry

  • Beginner-Friendly Approach: Designed specifically for beginners, ensuring that learners can grasp the fundamentals of Kotlin without feeling overwhelmed

  • New Programming Language: Adding a new language to your Tech-Stack makes you a stronger candidate

  • Head-start: Completing this course is the best way to prepare for Amigoscode Kotlin Full-Stack Course!

  • Developer Support: Error message? Post the problem to our dedicated Discord and your classmates and I will be there to help

Who is the course for?

- Whether you are a Bootcamp/University student, a Professional specialising in other languages, a Self-Taught Programmer or a someone who never wrote a line of code before, Kotlin for Beginners has been designed to teach you all the basics in order to become a Kotlin Developer or add Kotlin to your Tech Stack.

- If you have no experience with Kotlin or programming, the software engineering world might feel a little intimidating. You have done the difficult part by finding the course that will kick-start your Software Engineering career or your journey in learning a new language. In Kotlin for Beginners I have left no room for confusion - right from the very beginning.

- Already have some Java experience? Great! You are already one step ahead from everyone else. Have a look through the curriculum and begin wherever you feel comfortable. Even if some concepts may sound familiar, take advantage of the expert insight.

Why Learn Kotlin?

Multinational companies such as Meta, Netflix, Amazon, Uber, TwitterPinterest have all switched to Kotlin, need I say more?

Officially Supported by Google: Kotlin is he preferred language for Android app development, officially supported by Google. It provides improved developer productivity, and helps in building robust and high-performance Android applications

Null Safety: The null safety advantage of Kotlin is a significant improvement over other programming languages, particularly Java. Kotlin's null safety feature helps to prevent null pointer exceptions (NPEs), which are a common source of bugs and crashes in software

Versatility: Kotlin is a versatile language that can be used for a wide range of applications, from Android app development to server-side programming and web development.

Interoperability: Kotlin is interoperable with Java which allows developers to seamlessly integrate Kotlin code with existing Java projects

Simplicity and Readability: Kotlin's clean syntax makes it easier for beginners to learn and understand. It reduces boilerplate code, making development faster and more efficient

As a result, Kotlin dominates the Android world and is used across web, mobile and enterprise industries: from large-scale applications involving millions of lines to a few hundred-lines projects.

It’s no surprise that Kotlin has had a huge increase in the job market, with salaries varying from $60,000 to $140,000.

5 Reasons Why Kotlin Will Be Right For You.

  • Beginner-Friendly Approach: This Kotlin course is designed specifically for beginners and any other developers who are learning a new programming language, providing a gentle and accessible introduction to the language.

  • Enhanced Employability: Kotlin is in high demand, especially for Android development positions. By completing this course and gaining proficiency in Kotlin, learners increase their employability and open doors to job opportunities in the thriving mobile app development industry.

  • Expanded Skill Set: Adding Kotlin to one's skill set expands the range of projects and technologies that learners can work on. With the ability to develop in Kotlin, learners can contribute to Android apps, backend development, web applications, and other software projects, making them more versatile and valuable to employers

  • Competitive Advantage: Given Kotlin's rising popularity, having Kotlin expertise provides a competitive advantage in the job market. Employers are often looking for candidates who can bring modern development skills to the table

  • Seamless Transition from Java: Kotlin is fully interoperable with Java, making it easier for Java developers to transition to Kotlin, staying up to date with modern development

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners
  • Programmers who want to learn a new language


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