Korean Culture

Learn all about Korean traditional festivals, fashion, games, and pop music!
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Korean traditional festivals (Chuseok and Seollal)
Korean traditional fashion
Korean traditional folk games (Ddakji, Ssireum, and Yutnori)
Korean pop music


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Learning about other cultures can not only broaden your horizons, but it can also enhance cultural sensitivity and awareness. In this course, students will delve into various aspects of Korea's rich and vast culture. Through short and concise lecture videos on Korean traditional festivals, fashion, games, and pop music, they will be able to gain a better and deeper understanding of these cultural phenomenons.

For the topic of traditional festivals, students will learn more about two of the most celebrated holidays in Korea - Chuseok and Seollal. The lecture video dedicated to each festival will touch on the origins and history, as well as the common practices carried out for the celebration, such as food and rites.

As for the topic of Korean traditional fashion, students will get to know the history of the traditional clothing worn in Korea, occasions when Koreans would put on traditional attire, the composition and material of the clothing, and the evolution of traditional wear in Korea since the Joseon era.

Under the section on Korean traditional games, three popular traditional folk games played by Koreans will be covered - Ddakji, Ssireum, and Yut Nori. In each lecture video under this topic, the history and instructions of the games will be explained.

For the section dedicated to Korean pop music (K-pop), students will be able to learn more about the highly raved music genre through two lecture videos that will dive into various elements, namely the definition of K-pop, its history and origins, how it has evolved over the years, the reason behind its popularity, and how it differs from the past.

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  • Chuseok
  • Seollal


Yun Zhen Koh
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I am a Year Two student who is currently studying the Diploma of Psychology Studies in Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. My strong passion and interest in the culture and history of Korea motivated me to conduct research and create an online course that is dedicated to the different aspects of Korean culture.

Rachel Koh
  • 3.0 Instructor Rating
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I am a Temasek Polytechnic student who is currently studying in the Diploma of Chemical Engineering. I have been interested in the Korean language and culture ever since I was introduced to Korean pop music. I started liking Korean pop music and Korea at the age of 10 and have always wanted to learn more. I also hope to promote and inspire more people to learn about the country’s culture through my love for Korea.