KinCony Controller integrated to own server-Part one

In this course you will learn how to create your own server to control smart devices-Part one
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Creating free Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Install Node Red On AWS EC2 Cloud Server
Let your KC868-COL connect to own server
How to save sensors data to log txt file
Save temperature sensor data to excel file
Relay board link to own server speed faster
Send electric energy meter data to server


  • Understand the basic knowledge of electronic


KinCony Internet of things training course will consist of two parts: theoretical principle and practical training. In the early stage, the control principle and hardware diagram for different smart solution devices will be explained by some videos lessons. In the later stage, video lessons will demonstrate the practical operation step by step.

Here is the Ultimate Smart Home Tech Tour for Distribution Board DIY used by KC868 Smart Controller. Step by step, it's very easy to DIY. Perfect for Smart home 2021. Smart Controller also can connect with arduino or nodemcu or raspberry pi. It open protocol and have demo source code.

In this course, you will learn how to create your own server to control smart devices.

Before import flows , you need install these nodes for Node-Red:

1 node-red-contrib-ui-led

2. node-red-contrib-ui-level

3. node-red-dashboard

Node-Red flows download from KINCONY offical website

KC868-COLB Logical Controller:

1. both have Ethernet and Wifi work at the same time

2. work in local network and send data to your own cloud server

3. Ultra long distance connection digital input sensor for 1000 meter

4. Manual button for change work mode setting easily

5. MAX support 11 computer monitors work at the same time in local network

Who this course is for:

  • Students, project managers, engineers, entrepreneurs


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