How to Attract Real Love and Friends For Life

Go from unhappy and lonely to loving yourself, attracting the ideal partner and friends forever
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Gain confidence and trust in knowing what they need and want in a relationship.
Identify the right partner when a situation arises.
Become more attractive in being self confident and firm about their values and self worth.


  • Additional pen and paper.
  • Reasonable time to work thought exercises and get familiar with the spiritual teachers list that can help their daily life.


You tried so many times and so hard to find the right partner and friends?

When you feel unsure that you're attracting the right people in your life or you're single forever then it's time to try a healthy and a new approach to become more attractive.

In How To Attract Real Love and Friends For Life you will learn how to stop and reflect. This course will remind you of who you are today, to learn to accept and love yourself and build that relationship first before jumping from one relationship to another. It will teach you to revalue the needs you can't and can compromise on. You will understand how to take control over your life and who you attract in to your life. This course focuses on the qualities and behaviours you need to review in order to become attractive to others. It'ss full of real-life examples since I'm a next door girl who makes things happen. I use practical tools that you can implement in your life. Each video is supported with a worksheet to help you with exercises.

What does it mean to “have the real love"?

It's the feeling of certainty with no doubt.

It's the feeling of expansion where you are loved for exactly who you are and not trying to please.

It's the clarity of where you and your partner are heading and it always seems easy.

It's the flowing communication and creativity of how to spend time together.

It's the healthy distance to be independent in what you do and the friends you spend time with without being needy and demanding.

Are you ready to find the real love and friends for life?

Take this course and discover the tools needed to cultivate true loving of yourself and attracting others.

What are the requirements?
  • No prerequisite knowledge is needed but an open mind and desire to change is crucial.
What am I going to get from this course?
  • Reviewing yourself with fresh eyes.
  • Clarity on your emotional needs.
  • Enjoying time on your own working on becoming more attractive and not settling for less.
  • Straight to the point advice how to review the potential partner.
  • Achieve understanding about who you attract and why.
  • Transform your negative and toxic thinking and behaviour.
  • Discover how to detect toxic people.
  • Learn why giving brings receiving once you attract the right people.
  • Develop tools essential to your transformation.

  • What is the target audience?
  • People looking for healthier and more fulfilling relationship with themselves.
  • People looking for an emotionally healthy partner and friends.
  • People who are open minded, open to new spiritual approaches.
  • People who are fed up with settling for less and looking for new approaches.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for pro-active seekers of their opportunities in life in general. The course gives practical tools to review oneself and the other in a healthy and independent way. It is made for those people who are genuine about healthy and positive habits and thoughts that surrounds them and attract to them genuine and healthy people. This course is not meant for you if you are looking for the next partner without looking deeper into yourself first. It is also not meant for you if you do not believe in a spiritual side of human beings.

Course content

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  • Introduction


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Duda Jadrijevic
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Short bio:

Duda Jadrijevic known as Kick Ass Muse is a SUCCESS and HAPPINESS COACH - a do-er, inspirer, go-giver, go-getter, connector… the next door girl with guts who from nothing created a 6 figure business in only 3 years.

She coaches entrepreneurs, geeks, lawyers, doctors, friends, parents and anyone who aim for happiness and success with action taking.

Duda has become a go to expert on topics such as self-doubt, confidence, facing fear, courage, productivity, spirituality, sex, love, family, addiction, business. Her online business inspires clients from all over the world.

Success story:

From homeless & alone Duda created a 6 $$$$$$ figure business in just 3 years.

From living in Croatia she has become an international coach & director of a solid business in london, living and working anywhere i wish.

From no friends to amazing people she loves & gets love in return.

From grieving to become a happy free minded buddhist & entrepreneur.

From jobless to running 2 start ups, making money & enjoying it.

From overworked running her own business to now employing people, having time to go out a little and have heaps of fun!

From no money to now travelling the world & making money whilst sun-bathing in spain or bali. She is a digital nomad that travelled to New York, Paris, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Dubai, Morocco, Spain, Nepal, Berlin, Croatia, Sweden and more in just under 3 years.

Media Recognition:

Duda has been featured in such publications and programs as Easy Living (Vogue), The Independent, Female Entrepreneur Association, We Are The City, The GoodWebGuide, RyanAir Magazine and many other online platforms related to entrepreneurship.