Stress Basics: How To Handle Stress To Build A Better Future

Master These 10 Fundamentals
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Stop letting stress control you, start using stress to your advantage (especially in challenging times)
Strengthen your relationships by better handling stressful situations and gain their trust
Face stress with confidence, and recover quickly from new challenges and setbacks
Banish the stress monsters in your life that steal your joy


  • Be open-minded and willing to learn new ways that work for you
  • Desire to possess the courage, self-discipline, and skill to move past life's obstacles


NOTE: Course offered for Free in response to the COVID Pandemic to help Teachers and First Responders. Please share widely. Best if done with 2 or more people.

How you handle stress is your ultimate test for success in life and in your relationships. This course will help you build a solid foundation to handle stressful situations and people, both at home and at work. You'll be able to tame stress internally, make better choices, and use it to improve your life.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone experiencing unhealthy stress in their personal or professional lives.
  • Anyone in stressful occupations or relationships (teachers, caregivers, leaders, 1st responders, medical, parents)
  • Anyone dealing with major life transitions or disappointments


Mental Toughness Expert / Stress Management Coach
Deb Lewis
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How great do you want life to feel in the days, weeks, and months ahead?

Every strategy, insight, and tool available at Mentally Tough Women (MTW) makes it easier to strengthen and improve your relationships because you learn how to use stress to your advantage.

My unique process starts with 15 steps, beginning with the 5 Step Lifeline Course for those who want to know how to thrive under extreme stress.  Our Stress Basics: How To Handle Stress To Build A Better Future Course covers 10 Fundamental lessons you'll want to master. Together, these courses help you build a solid foundation to anticipate and handle all types of stress. We offer follow-up coaching to provide additional practical mastery skills and tools.

I believe that learning is a life-long process. After retiring from the Army, I used lessons and skills from those 34 years to support my husband's cross-country bicycle tour. He rode 18,067 miles to all 50 states in one year to support our military, but I had to learn everything about the care and maintenance of our RV. My goal was to do everything possible to ensure his success.

The greater the skill, the easier it will become to accomplish your goals in life. You will find that you can face and/or recover quickly from new challenges and setbacks, using them to your advantage.

What one thing will help you most right now? I make it easier for you to clarify where you WANT to be and what it takes to get there.

Be excited for what's next. Whatever your path, you'll want to enjoy every step!

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