21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners
4.7 (25 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
139 students enrolled

21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners

Learn how to warm up, stretch, workout with a kettlebell, cool down, and how to train safely with the kettlebell
4.7 (25 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
139 students enrolled
Created by Taco Fleur
Last updated 5/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Train safely and effectively with a kettlebell
  • Basic and important exercises of kettlebell training
  • Stay safe and injury free
  • Progress from beginner to intermediate kettlebell enthusiast
  • How to workout with the kettlebell
  • How to train with good form and technique
  • One kettlebell
  • Interest to learn from the best
  • No fitness or kettlebell background required (complete beginners welcome)

Let me take you on a journey and an adventure... a kettlebell adventure

Hello, my name is Taco Fleur, and just like my name, I'm not an ordinary guy, but at the same time I am... but different. I like to drag kettlebells to places no kettlebell has gone before and teach people the art of kettlebell training. Cautionary warning: On our journey through the 21 days you might also see the appearance of Nacho (our French bulldog).

  • Day 1 Warming up and priming for kettlebell training

  • Day 2 Stretching and mobility for kettlebell training

  • Day 3 Kettlebell anatomy and grip

  • Day 4 Safely lifting the kettlebell with a squat

  • Day 5 Safely lifting the kettlebell with a hip hinge

  • Day 6 Assisted kettlebell clean

  • Day 7 Kettlebell squat swing

  • Day 8 Kettlebell hip hinge swing

  • Day 9 Kettlebell pendulum swing

  • Day 10 Double arm swing clean

  • Day 11 Kettlebell dead clean

  • Day 12 Kettlebell swing clean

  • Day 13 Kettlebell racking

  • Day 14 Kettlebell pressing

  • Day 15 Kettlebell rowing

  • Day 16 Kettlebell American swing

  • Day 17 Double kettlebell dead swing clean

  • Day 18 Recap and additional kettlebell tips

  • Day 19 Kettlebell programming and goals

  • Day 20 Kettlebell workout

  • Day 21 Common kettlebell injuries and annoyances

This kettlebell course is structured so that you can work on your progression day by day over 21 days, or you can choose to complete one after the other and see each day as a step towards your progression in kettlebell training.

Each unit has a video, in total there are over 140 minutes of video content that covers kettlebell training. Each day has 5 to 10 minutes of video which is followed by a text summary you can read, copy, and save for future reference by downloading it as a PDF. Most days will have an optional task/drill to perform or progression to work on over time.

This course has no exam questions, the course is designed to bring across the knowledge you need to start your kettlebell training journey via video and bullet point summaries with an optional public assessment for form and technique check.

After more than a decade of kettlebell training I have been able to put together the progressions I use with my athletes, clients, and students. I'm extremely confident that this online kettlebell course will help you understand kettlebell training so that you can train or workout safely at home, in the gym, outdoors, or in your CrossFit box.

You will learn how to lift the kettlebell safely, how to clean, swing, press, row, and all the basic movements which you need to perform a full body workout with the kettlebell. You will also understand how to warm up, cool down, work on mobility, transition, and even a bit of basic programming.

Other course

If you've seen my other course on Udemy and are wondering what the difference is. My other highly rated kettlebell course From Zero to Kettlebell Superhero in 4 Weeks has more text and includes exam questions, whereas this course is more visual with completely optional assessments. This course is also much more detailed.

Check the Kettlebell Training PREMIUM course if you're after a course with kettlebell workouts, exams, certificate from Cavemantraining, and personal assessments.

Hope to see you soon.

Taco Fleur from Cavemantraining

Who this course is for:
  • At-home kettlebell users
  • Crossfitters
  • Beginners
  • People looking for a change in training
Course content
Expand all 49 lectures 02:54:42
+ Day 1
2 lectures 16:56

On day 1 you will learn how to warm up for kettlebell training and how super important it is to stay injury free. You will learn that mind-muscle connection is important for an effective and safe workout and that muscle priming is focussing on getting the muscles ready and assists in connecting with them.

I will take you through a full-body warm up and muscle priming routine for the kettlebell swing.

Preview 01:36
+ Day 2
2 lectures 15:40
Stretching and mobility for kettlebell training video

On day 2 you will learn how to stretch and perform some mobility work to increase performance and reduce chance of injury.

Some of the movements/stretches:

  • Reverse lunge

  • Reverse lunge arms overhead

  • Reverse lunge and twist

  • Runners lunge and twist

  • Kneeling

  • Kneeling and hip extension

  • Kneeling and hip flexion with arms overhead

  • Kneeling with hip abduction

  • Jefferson curl

  • Pigeon

Stretching and mobility for kettlebell training summary
+ Day 3
2 lectures 09:02
Kettlebell anatomy and grips video

On day 3 you will learn about the anatomy of the kettlebell and grips which is the first important information you should know to progress with your kettlebell training. I'll also cover some exercises for wrist strength.

There are over 25 kettlebell grips, we cover the common kettlebell grips:

  • Hook grip

  • Closed hook grip

  • Double hand grip

  • Closed double hand grip

Other points:

  • A kettlebell grip should be loose but tight enough to hold on to the kettlebell

  • You can work your grip strength by holding the kettlebell in the tips of the fingers

  • Wrist strength is often overlooked in training

  • You can work on lateral wrist flexion with the kettlebell on the ground and base pointing up

  • When you first start training make sure you ease into reps and weight

  • Progress slowly and rest enough so you can keep training

  • You can work wrist flexion and extension while standing and letting the bell hang next to you

  • Stretch your forearms after working out

  • Grip is relaxed at the top of the swing

Kettlebell anatomy and grips summary
+ Day 4
2 lectures 05:25
Safely lifting the kettlebell with a squat video

On day 4 you will learn how to safely pick up the kettlebell with a deadlift and how to progress if you do not have the flexibility for a deadlift yet. I will cover the safest technique for deadlifting and progress from there.

Safely lifting the kettlebell with a squat summary
+ Day 5
2 lectures 05:37
Safely lifting the kettlebell with a hip hinge video

On day 5 you will learn the more advanced movement for the deadlift which is also the foundation for the conventional kettlebell swing.

Safely lifting the kettlebell with a hip hinge summary
+ Day 6
2 lectures 13:15
Assisted kettlebell clean video

On day 6 you will learn the assisted clean which is based in the first lift I taught in this course and is also a super important drill that will teach you the importance of opening up and inserting the hand to avoid ripped hands. I will also teach the double hand clean which is great for beginners but also used with heavy weights or in kettlebell sport where endurance and energy preservation is important.

This exercise is designed for a specific purpose, which is, to learn the most basic and safest lift, but more importantly, to drill the movement which you'll be doing more explosive later on and the hand insertion, feeling how the bell should travel around the hand.

Assisted kettlebell clean summary
+ Day 7
2 lectures 09:25
Kettlebell squat swing video

On day 7 you will learn the safest form of a kettlebell swing with minimal pressure on the lower back. I will demonstrate the kettlebell swing side and front on and even cover little tips about whether to keep the arms straight or bent in this course.

Kettlebell squat swing summary
+ Day 8
2 lectures 07:26
Kettlebell hip hinge swing video

On day 8 you will learn the most common version of the kettlebell swing and I'll talk about how to avoid backaches, what muscles to activate and why, and many more tips that are commonly overlooked and will result in backaches when not implemented.

I will also demonstrate how to start the kettlebell swing safely in several different ways.

Kettlebell hip hinge swing summary