14 Day kettlebell flow Challenge with Coach Johann

A kettlebell workout/flow incorporating bodyweight movements. Pilates finishing moves + Yoga vinyasas with kettlebells !
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How to use kettlebells
A fun way to warmup your body
Excellent mobility training
Injury preventative movement


  • Curiosity about Pilates and/or kettlebells
  • Curiosity of new forms of training



My name is Johann Francis, CSCS, aka "Coach" Johann and I have an extensive background in fitness and nutrition. My clients (trained over 30k hours in 17 years) achieve success at every turn while on my programs and I am damn proud of it. I am a CSCS certified Strength Coach, a nutrition expert with a Nutrition degree, and an athlete.

The lifestyle and workouts I present, I PERFORM!

Enjoy them, make them your own!

I invite, nay, CHALLENGE you to form a habit within these next two weeks! These flows are a mix of this, and a mash of that. What I mean is this: we perform the moves and flow to build mobility. That mobility helps us get stronger. That strength builds more mobility inside a cycle of strength-benefits.

Specifically, these flows are propioceptive: they require both strengthening and stretching at the same time!

So, with agonist and antagonist muscles, you are stretching one set of muscle and simultaneously stretching the other side or other group of muscles. This creates great balance and strength!

This creates symmetry and prevents injury.

And this is a fanatic warm up.

Treat each day with the aim to get better but PRACTICE. Then, after you have secured the positions, add weight.

We use kettlebells because they require a different mode of fitness versus, say dumbbells. Kettlebells allow for more functional bone stacking and require full body movement and coordination. Thus, kettlebell usage and bodyweight movement are an opportunistic marriage which again, crease balance and overall strength.

Those of us who are used to being injured understand that injury prevention is so important too.

Starting today, try "Day 1 - Anchor Squats" and assess your body.

  • To burn fat, you have to build muscle. Period. Any quality coach will agree.

  • Friends, not all muscle is the same as we breakdown in this workout program. Type 1, 2a and 2x all have different purposes and sizes but targeting those muscle fibers requires education, science and nuance!

  • Strength, is the total body goal we are looking for.

  • Here's scientific, nutritional and metabolic Truth: the more muscle you build, the higher your metabolism, the more FAT YOU BURN!

  • Thus, we look to build muscle.

We look to periodize our workout into macrocycles, mesocycles and microcycle

  • Learn the language of Fitness!

Here are the 4 systems.

  1. Endurance

  2. Strength

  3. Anaerobic

  4. Burst

Learning how to gauge your heart rate helps alot too. But, we provide an estimate of what your heart might be.

  • Earn a generalized meal plan at the end upon completion to support your gain!

Before you start, take a look at this template and consider its use and message.


Who this course is for:

  • Pilates practioneers
  • Kettlebell users
  • Intermediate gym goers
  • Yogies


Certified since 2003, 35,000 + hours coached and trained!
Johann Francis CSCS
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Thanks for visiting! I hope you find value in my course and I promise to release more in the future!

In 17 years, Johann has run a nutrition store, trained professional and hi-level amateur fighters like San Jose’s Chris “the Warrior” Washington, other future professional and junior Olympic competitors, CFO’s, registered nurses, accountants, vegans, pH.D’s, project managers, underweight folks, overweight folks, tradesmen, and elementary teachers (his most dutiful contingent) representing all of the Bay Area’s mega-diverse cultures and population.

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