Keto Diet Principles and Recipes
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Keto Diet Principles and Recipes

Cook Your Way Through Losing Weight Wisely! Ketogenic diet basic principles and easy-to-cook delicious recipes.
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4.6 (40 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
516 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • You will enjoy losing weight in a very relaxed and tasty formula.
  • You will master your own eating habbits and unhealthy cravings.
  • You will understand better how your body works, therefore you will know how to treat it better.
  • You will change your perspective on seasonality and provenance of the ingredients that compose your daily meals.
  • You will be able to cook in a simple, yet delicious and healthy way, with more respect for simple ingredients and for your own person.
  • The course is suitable for every adult who wants to start losing weight in a wise, scientifically supported way, without starving or taking untrustworthy supplements and without giving up on most of their all-time favourite foods.
  • The ideal students need the conscious desire to lose weight and gain energy and to build a better long-term relationship with their own bodies.
  • We do recommend a basic blood test before starting the diet and the supervision of a certified keto dietitian.
  • Basic cooking techniques and kitchen equipment would be an important add on to this great experience.

This course is a mixture of informative and cooking videos focused on the ketogenic diet. Cristina Ioniță, a ketogenic diet specialist, talks about the basics and the metabolic mechanisms of the diet. Viorel Copolovici, a chef, prepares keto dishes that everyone can cook at home or even order in a keto friendly restaurant.

Both instructors have gone through the ketogenic experience before deciding to create this course. Cristina has lost more than 60 pounds (about 28 kg) with the keto diet before going on to study it professionally and to become a certified ketogenic specialist. Viorel, who has already published two basic cooking techniques courses on Udemy, started to live keto in May 2018 and lost about 30 pounds (14 kg) in the first 4-5 months of diet. He is now working on his second milestone of another 20-25 pounds and you can already see the difference from his previous courses.

The course is a very dynamic and easy to digest formula of applied knowledge. You will discover how the diet works, what are its fundamental rules and processes and learn very effective ways to achieve great results by knowing what to eat, while spending a minimum amount of time in your kitchen. After you understand the principles and you decide to give it a try, you will probably discover one of the best and the wisest ways to lose weight.

However, keto works on fully customized meal plans and it requires medical supervision. Even if it has been proven that ketogenic principles have a positive impact on several important medical conditions, we do recommend two things to all the students that decide to try it:

1. Take a general blood test and get the interpretation of the results from your doctor.

2. Find a trustful and recommended ketogenic dietitian for your personalized meal plans. If you would like to work directly with Cristina, don't hesitate to contact her through Udemy and ask for advice.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is dedicated to overweight individuals who want to lose weight in a smart and savoury way.
  • Active people who need to improve their eating habits without giving up foods they enjoy.
  • People who experienced failed diets and unbalanced eating and would like to gain back their energy and self esteem, by transforming their relationship to food into a new, sustainable, healthy one.
Course content
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+ Cook your way through losing weight wisely!
23 lectures 01:06:54

This course is about how to achieve ketosis, being keto adapted, the ketogenic diet and ketogenic recipes that are very easy to cook at home. Ketogenic diet relies on seasonality and proximity of the ingredients and food that is cooked at home. Principles of the ketogenic diet are detailed during the explanatory lectures by the ketogenic diet specialist Cristina Ionita, while the chef shows you some of the most easy to cook recipes that you can enjoy during this diet.

Preview 01:00

What is ketogenic diet? What is ketosis? Why do we need ketosis in order to lose weight, have energy and enjoy delicious food? How to enter ketosis and how to become keto adapted? Ketogenic diet has been around for ages, it is not a new or trendy diet. Ketogenic diet brings back the way our ancestors used to eat, based on seasonality and proximity of ingredients. Ketosis forces your body to rely on ketone bodies and use fat deposits and transform them into energy.

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Eggs recipe for breakfast in ketogenic diet. Sunny side up eggs cooked in butter, garnished with fresh cucumber, feta cheese and macadamia nuts. Learn how to cook an eggs breakfast with the right garnish during ketogenic diet in order to induce ketosis.

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About getting adapted for ketosis during ketogenic diet. Becoming keto adapted in order to lose weight through forcing your body to use fat deposits for energy instead of carbohydrates. Learn what you need to do in order to get keto adapted.

Adaptation to Ketosis

Learn how to prepare a breakfast during ketogenic diet without cooking eggs. Smoked salmon with cream cheese and fresh red long pepper. Vrey easy to prepare a delicious breakfast during ketogenic diet.

Recipe: Keto Breakfast Without Eggs

How does seasonality of ingredients affect our diet. Seasonality is very important for the ketogenic diet. Eating vegetable and fruit that are in season and that come from proximity farms are one of the keys to healthy living. Exotic ingredients are interesting, but only in small quantities and just for the sake of experience. Eat local and seasonal, especially while following a ketogenic diet.

Keto Is All About the Season

Very simple recipe for a ketogenic lunch or diner. Easy recipe of chicken and green beans cooked in butter. An easy to make dish that respects the principles of ketosis, ready in minutes and very tasty. A cooking lesson that teaches you how to keep great color on the green beans and also the crunch of fresh vegetables that you cook as a side dish for meat.

Recipe: Chicken Thigh With French Beans

Spring foods in ketogenic diet. Spring onions and garlic, raddishes, lamb. Green leaves. Lamb is a good option, since its meat is rich in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and a series of vitamins and minerals, such as B3, B12, selenium, phosphorus or heme-iron, which by the way is the best type of iron, with great bioavailability. Fresh spinach with green garlic and a couple of fried eggs is always a good option. And the smell of the strawberries. Is to die for.

What Do I Eat During Spring?

Ketogenic recipe of wild salmon and fresh baby spinach. Salmon is cooked on the pan, spinach is cooked raw, in butter. Simple recipe to cook in just a few minutes for lunch or dinner during ketogenic diet. Wild salmon is a lot healthier than farmed salmon, as the farmed salmon lacks the amazing Omega 3. Very easy to cook diet recipe of salmon and spinach.

Recipe: Salmon and Spinach

Summer foods in ketogenic diet. Summer offers you a great variety of seasonal vegetables like fresh tomatoes, delicious cucumbers, bell peppers, string beans or eggplants. Apricots are fruit, but they have a short growth period, therefore the quantity of sugar is a lot smaller than autumn fruit. Cherries, sour cherries and berries are also summer staples. Vegetal fats contained by avocado, coconut and olives are highly recommended during the ketogenic diet.

What Do I Eat During Summer?

A ketogenic diet salad containing vegetal fats from olives and pine nuts, fresh vegetables with lots of dietary fibers and good quality cured meat is a great option for lunch. Salads are easy to make as long as you stick to using seasonal ingredients. Make yourself a healthy salad and dress it with some extravirgin olive oil in order to achieve and mentain ketosis while losing weight and mentaining good levels of blood sugar.

Recipe: Summer Keto Salad

Ketogenic diet during autumn relays on low sugar vegetables like pumpkin, zucchini, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli or kale. It is a great moment to add nuts and almonds to your ketogenic meals, as they contain good fats that will raise your energy levels.

What Do I Eat During Autumn?

Naked burger is always a great option while taking a low carb diet. Adding pickles, fresh onion or cucumber, lettuce and suger free sauces to your beef burger is what you need in order to enjoy a naked burger during the ketogenic diet. Make your own mince, add your choice mix of spices and even a slice of crisped bacon and enjoy this gorgeous treat for lunch or dinner.

Recipe: Naked Burger

Winter is for sure the best moment to start a ketogenic diet, since it will help your adaptation happen faster. We can eat plenty of fatty fish and meat, keeping in mind their protein content, of course. Eggs and cheese are also staple foods during the winter. As for the vegetables, some autumn veggies are quite resistant and we can find them at the farmers’ market even during the winter: cabbage, cauliflower and squash are just two of them. And then there’s the pickles, so rich in probiotics and minerals. Make your own pickles, with pure salt and water or buy only sugar free versions. And don’t forget animal fats. 

What Do I Eat During Winter?

Duck fat is tasty and healthy. Cabbage has always worked with duck. This class contains a recipe of duck leg garnished with cabbage cooked in duck fat. Try to render or melt as much fat as possible from the duck leg while giving the meat a nice color, before cooking it in the oven. Use part of the fat to cook the shredded cabbage. The recipe also contains some fennel in order to give the whole dish more flavor and sharpness.

Recipe: Duck and Cabbage

Always keep an eye on the figures while taking the ketogenic diet. Blood tests are the right way to continuously be in control of your own health. Measure the levels of your daily fats, proteins and carbohydrates intakes. A gram of fat has 9.3 calories, which is why, if you aim for losing some weight, you have to pay attention to the quantity.  Protein only has 4.1 calories per gram and has the advantage of being filling, therefore most people don’t binge on it. But we are not all alike, so make sure protein doesn’t go beyond 0.8 grams/kilo bodyweight when you are adapting and keep it around 1.2 grams after adaptation, if you don’t have an active life.  As for the carbohydrates, don’t set them below 30 grams per day during adaptation. Imagine this: you come from a western diet, rich in carbs, and you suddenly decide to go keto. Cutting more than 90% of the carbohydrate daily intake will not come easy on your body. Keep around 30 to 40 grams with fiber included.

How Much Is Too Much on Keto?

IN this ketogenic diet recipe you will learn how to cook a stuffed zucchini. You will need to cut and carve the zucchini, then fill it up with a mixture made of bacon, cheese and egg. It is really easy and it cooks really fast.

Recipe: Stuffed Zucchini

Most of us are aware of the classic recommendation of having 3 main meals and 2 snacks. But did you know this statement has no scientific background? It’s not even logical. After each meal, even though it is a low carb one, sugar levels raise and call for insulin release. This hormone, besides lowering the sugar levels, it also helps deposit fat. Of course there are people who eat mainly based upon emotion, so they might need to keep those 5 meals per day. I strongly believe in baby steps, therefore I always allow my clients to decide when we can substract the snacks from their meal plan.

How Many Meals Do I Have on Keto?

In this ketogenic diet recipe you will learn to make a raw vegan dessert that is ready in just a few minutes. Based on coconut flour, it is a very filling option in order to put away your craving for something sweet. Carrot cake balls can be easily taken out for pick-nicks or functions, very nice to share during a coffee break and even for kids when you decide to keep an eye on their sugar intake. Absolutely delicious and rewarding for a person that wants to lose weight while enjoying tasty food.

Recipe: Carrot Cake Balls

If you’ve reached your ideal body weight, it’s time to make some changes. First of all, you won’t be needing the kitchen scale anymore, since you can add, depending on your activities, 500 to 1000 calories per day to your meals. You can, by now, to estimate how much a slice of pork chop weights, and you can raise the quantity of your favorite meal, without the fear you’ll gain your weight back. Listen to your body, it will tell you when it had enough. And don’t try to trick it. 

I Am Done Losing Weight. What Now?

Amazing ketogenic diet dessert recipe. Brownies that don't contain flour, recipe based on avocados, eggs and cocoa. You will learn how to cook this ketogenic dessert by placing all ingredeints in a mixing bowl, transfer everything in the oven for about thirty minutes and enjoy an incredibbly tasty dessert that will keep your blood sugar levels at the right point.

Recipe: Avocado Brownies

Ketiogenic diet works best under medical and specialized advice. Search for a ketogenic dietitian in your area, look for their certifications and real results, schedule an appointment, give the right answers to their question, go for a simple blood test and enjoy the personalized meal plans the ketogenic diet specialist will design for you.

Preview 00:50

A few exapmples of ketogenic diet meals, based on seasonality. They do not work for everyone, but they do respect the ketogenic diet principles. In order to enjoy the right transformation path of losing weight safely, each person needs a personalized meal plan, adapted to their own needs, goals and health condition.

Meal Plans Examples