Just Enough Istio to be Dangerous

Learn basics of istio and why you need a service mesh by practice
Setup Istio cluster with Google Kubernetes Engine
Configure and validate istio control plane along with the plugins
Deploy canary releases in production and learn how to intelligently route traffic
Inject fault to test the resiliency of the micro services application stack
Do a zero downtime rolling deployment independant of the underlying infrastructure scaling


  • Working knowledge of Kubernetes - Pods, Deployments, Services, Ingress etc.
  • Working knowledge of Docker
  • Google Cloud Account - Free Subscription to setup environment


If you have been using Kubernetes, you must have heard of the brand new concept of service mesh.  Istio service mesh is the new thing in town and a lot of folks are wondering what it is and whats the need of it when they are already using kubernetes. 

This course would give you a quick understanding of what istio is, how it works and what features it offers on top of kubernetes that makes it talk of the town.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is looking to deploy applications with Kubernetes and looking for advanced features
  • Anyone who is curious about Istio and want to find out what it offers on top of Kubernertes features

Course content

2 sections12 lectures1h 13m total length
  • Know your Instructor - Who is Gourav Shah ?


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Gourav Shah
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Gourav comes with more than a decade of experience building, managing and automating systems at scale. He has helped organisations to design and implement devops practices. 

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