Learn To Juggle 3 Balls (+25 Other Tricks!)
4.9 (7 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Learn To Juggle 3 Balls (+25 Other Tricks!)

In this course you'll learn how to juggle 25+ tricks from an expert that has spent years of his life practicing!
4.9 (7 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,113 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Juggle 3 balls comfortably
  • Perform an entertaining routine that incorporates the various tricks you've learned.
  • You should bring an enthusiastic attitude and three props to juggle. I recommend in order of preference: custom-made juggling balls, lacrosse balls, tennis balls, and/or various fruits as a last resort ;)

Have you ever tried to juggle? Have you ever been frustrated because you couldn't figure out the secret to something so simple? If so I can relate with you. I remember learning to juggle several years ago and dealing with the same frustrations. It doesn't have to be that way though. I can now juggle 6 balls and have performed for audiences as large as 200. Juggling doesn't have to be difficult. It can be extremely easy and straightforward if you understand the secrets behind it. That's why I created this course for you.

If you've ever wanted a step-by-step guide in learning how to juggle this course is the perfect tool for you. In the first lesson you'll learn the secret to juggling three balls, and by the end of this course you'll have learned 25 more tricks! Also included in this course is an entire section on how to put together a routine and entertain an audience with your newly acquired skills.

Of course, there's many reasons to juggle even if you never intend to get on stage and perform. Juggling is a good form of cardiovascular exercise, learning to juggle can boost self-esteem (by showing you you're capable of things you previously thought impossible), and many say that the meditative repetition of juggling helps them destress.

Regardless of why you want to learn to juggle, however, you'll no doubt find the 30+ videos included in this course useful. The lessons were put together using knowledge I've acquired from years of practice and thousands of hours invested in the field. The lessons are sequentially ordered so that you're never trying to practice a trick that's too difficult for you. This allows you to rapidly improve as well as avoid frustration. You'll also notice a consistently positive vibe throughout these videos because having fun while you learn is important too! :)

If you've ever wanted to learn how to juggle you should enroll today along with the 1,000 other Udemy students that have already begun learning how to juggle. Once you complete the first lesson and are able to juggle you'll also be able to learn another 25 tricks at your leisure. There's no risk. If you decide juggling isn't for you a full refund awaits. Sign up today.

Who this course is for:
  • If you've ever wanted to learn how to juggle this is the course for you. We begin this course by learning how to juggle 3 balls in the basic pattern so no prior juggling experience is needed.
  • This course begins with juggling material for beginners and progresses up to a fairly advanced stage, but is NOT intended for professionals or hardcore hobbyists already capable of juggling more than 5 balls.
Course content
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+ Balls
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In this lesson you'll learn the secret to juggling as well as solutions to common problems people have when learning to juggle.

Preview 13:24

In this video you'll learn the 3 ball half-shower. This is one of the most basic tricks and after learning the 3 ball cascade is perhaps the easiest trick for beginners to learn!

3 Ball Half-Shower

In this video you'll learn the juggler's tennis trick. This is an audience favorite and is a great trick to add to your routine especially considering how easy it is to learn! You can enhance this trick by using a different colored ball for the one you throw over the top.

Juggler's Tennis

In this video you'll learn the 3 ball reverse cascade juggling trick. This trick is interesting because if you were to rewind a video of someone doing this trick it would look exactly like the original 3 ball cascade.

3 Ball Reverse Cascade

In this video you'll learn how to juggle 2 balls-in-one-hand. This may not be too exciting by itself, but learning to do so will allow you to learn cool tricks later in this course. Learning to juggle 2-balls-in-one-hand is also the first step in learning to juggle 4 balls!

2 Balls-In-One-Hand

In this video you'll learn to juggle the 3 ball columns trick. Prior to learning this trick, however, you should already have developed a solid grasp of 2-balls-in-one-hand. Columns is a cool trick in itself, but learning it will also allow you to learn many of the tricks audiences' find most entertaining later in this course.

3 Ball Columns

Ahhh... fake columns. It's an audience favorite. It also feels extremely cool to juggle. Unfortunately, fake columns can be a little difficult to learn because you have to move your hand without throwing the ball. A little patience and perseverance will take you a long way though and this simple trick provides as much bang for you buck in entertainment value to audiences as any other.

Fake Columns

Yo-Yo is a must learn trick. Like fake columns it can be a little difficult to learn at first because your arms are moving in unfamiliar ways. However, this trick is perhaps THE best to perform as far as entertainment value. Your audience will EAT THIS TRICK UP.


Ahhh... the 3 ball shower. This is the 3 ball version of what you probably did with two balls when you first tried learning to juggle.

3 Ball Shower

In this video you'll learn the 441 juggling trick. 441 refers to the name of the trick's siteswap pattern. To make a long story short, siteswap notation is basically a numerical system jugglers use to name tricks, discover new tricks, and share the tricks they've learned with other jugglers without necessarily being able to show them in person.

441 & Siteswap Introduction

In this video you'll learn the 531 (sometimes called the 3 ball tower) juggling trick. This trick is extremely fun to juggle and is unique in that the first ball you throw is always the last one you catch (the opposite of normal juggling where the first ball you throw is the first one you catch).

531 (3 Ball Tower)

Hmm... I was thinking of an outside-the-box way of describing the 3 ball box. Never mind that though. The 3 ball box juggling trick is the first you'll learn where you're making synchronous throws. Because of that it may be somewhat challenging to learn. My recommendation to you is to really focus on the fundamentals of this trick. Break this trick down and master each part in isolation. If you just rush right into this trick you'll likely get frustrated and give up.

3 Ball Box

A simple description for a simple trick. This trick is relatively easy to learn and a lot of fun to juggle.


The claw is a juggling trick that's pretty impressive for how easy it is to learn. It will feel awkward at first because you're juggling with your hands in a new position, but you'll quickly get the hang of it. You don't have to if you're shy... but I like to end this trick and captivate the audience with a MEEEOOWWWWW ;)

3 Ball Claw

Overhead throws are a ton of fun to practice... until you drop a ball and it smacks you in the eye. Guess you'll learn quickly not to drop ;) Although juggling can't compare to a dedicated session in the gym, overhead throws can be a small help in toning your shoulders. Trust me, keep juggling overhead long enough and you'll feel the burn :)

Overhead Throws

Juggling under the legs looks simple... until you try it and find your whole body in a knot. Fear not, maybe this video on how to juggle under your leg will help... MAYBE ;)

Under The Leg

360s are one of the funnest tricks to practice. They're so fun to practice that many jugglers overuse them in their routine because they'd rather practice 360s than other tricks! 360s can be great, however, when sprinkled through out your routine. Tip: Do not practice 360s in socks or heaven forbid barefeet. JUST DON'T DO IT.


Behind the back is one of the most beautiful tricks. It's a classic. Loved by both jugglers and their audiences. Nothing screams beauty and control like being able to juggle while making every throw behind your back...

Behind The Back

Want the secret to juggling 4 balls? Here it is.... the throws don't cross! All you're doing is juggling 2 balls-in-one-hand and 2 in the other. Obviously, that means you should already be capable of juggling 2 balls-in-one-hand before attempting to learn 4.

4 Ball Sync

You already know the secret to juggling 4 balls... you skipped the last video you say!? Here it is again. To juggle 4 balls you're not going to make any crossing throws. All you have to do is juggle 2 balls-in-one-hand and 2 in the other. The only difference between the sync pattern you learned in the last video and the async pattern you're going to learn in this video is... you guessed it, whether or not you sync each hand's juggling of 2 balls-in-one-hand. In other words, both hands throw at the same time in 4 ball sync juggling and both hands alternate throws when juggling the async pattern.

4 Ball Async

The pinnacle of ball juggling... 5 balls. This is the first trick you'll learn that will require a true long-term commitment. Learning to juggle 5 balls could easily take you a year, but the feeling you get when you're able to juggle 5 is incredibly rewarding. It's your choice whether you'd like to invest the time to learn 5, but if you do it could be an amazing finale for your show.

5 Ball Cascade
+ Rings
3 lectures 14:17

Remember the frustration... I mean fun of learning to juggle? Now you get to repeat the process again! Fortunately, learning to juggle 3 rings is essentially the same as learning to juggle 3 balls so you should be able to learn much more quickly!

3 Ring Cascade

Juggling 3 rings didn't impress your audience enough? Learn how to finish your 3 ring juggling by catching all 3 rings on your neck and they'll have no choice but to applaud you :)

3 Ring Pulldown

This trick is not for the faint of heart. It's easily one of the most difficult tricks in this course and mistakes can lead to you hurting your ears. If you choose to learn this trick definitely break it down into the fundamentals and master them in isolation before trying to learn them as a whole. If you do take the time, however, you'll be capable of performing trick that audiences find INSANELY impressive.

Neck Throws With Rings
+ Clubs
2 lectures 11:31

You get to learn to juggle 3 for the third time. :) Unfortunately the third time isn't always the charm. Juggling clubs is significantly more difficult than learning to juggle balls or rings because clubs introduce another element into your juggling... Rotations! Clubs are difficult to juggle because you have to learn to make each club spin the same number of times. That sounds easy and it is, when you've only got one club. Try juggling three or (even two) though and you'll find yourself in your most epic duel against gravity yet! ;)

If you're up for a challenge though...

3 Club Cascade

So you've learned to juggle 3 clubs... What's next? How about learning to juggle 3 clubs with double rotations? As my friend and fellow juggler Ivan Pecel would say, "Double spins for double the fun!"

3 Club Doubles
+ Bonuses
7 lectures 31:55

Getting bored of balls, clubs, and rings? Want to try something your audience has never seen before? Head to your local sports store and buy a can of tennis balls. Then, instead of using two hands to juggle use one hand and the can. It's a little confusing when verbally spoken, but I demonstrate this trick for you in the video.

Bonus #1 Tennis Can Juggling

Why learn to juggle? Obviously juggling can be a fun little distraction from the stresses of daily life. That's the simple answer. However, if you get serious about it juggling can also serve as a path to mastery for you. Juggling can help show you that progress (even far beyond juggling) is possible if you're willing to consistently show up and put in the effort to improve.

Bonus #2 Juggling As A Path To Mastery

Ok you've learned some tricks... Now what should you keep in mind when you're putting together a routine?

1. Identify your audience and cater your routine to them.

2. Give the audience what it wants, not what you think the audience should want.

3. Consider using faces and/or sound effects.

4. Frequently transition from trick to trick. This helps keeps the audience engaged.

5. Generally speaking your audience cares very little about how good you are at juggling. What will truly determine the response towards your act is how much the audience likes you and your personality.

Bonus #3 Putting Together A Routine

How should you practice juggling in order to improve the most quickly? Here are some things to consider...

1. You want to practice juggling at relatively consistent intervals. (It's better to practice six days a week for an hour per day rather than one day a week for six hours.)

2. Conduct your personal experimentation to see what does and does not work for you.

Want more detailed advice? Just watch the video already! ;)

Bonus #4 Advice On Practice & Improving

Thanks for watching my course! I hope you learned a lot and that you enjoyed the process of learning to juggle various tricks! A thank you also goes out to Kevin MacLeod for generously providing music for this course on an attribution basis. Watch the video to hear about how great you are and to see the specific songs used in this course!

Bonus #5 Thank You & Credits

Included in this video is my first formal live performance. Although there are certainly some newbie mistakes in this routine, it should still be useful to you in coming up ideas for your own routine.

The song used in this routine is, "Batty McFaddin"

By: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Bonus #6 Example Routine

The sequel to the performance included in the last video. This routine is much more polished and should help give you ideas in how to put together an entertaining routine. This is also the last video in the course so I hope you get some entertainment value and inspiration to practice juggling from it as well :)

Bonus #7 Second Example Routine