JSP and Servlets for Beginners

Become a Pro in JSP and Servlet | Build a fully fledged Database application
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By the end of this course, you have complete a knowledge of JSP and Servlets
You are able to build fully fledged Database application
You are able attend the interview for Java Intern


  • Basic knowledge of Core Java and HTML
  • Basic knowledge of installing a software


The Most Popular JAVA API's JSP and Servlet

Have you ever heard about the frameworks like Spring and Struts? 
These are the two super popular JAVA frameworks.

Have you ever thought how they have built those frameworks?
These are all built on top of JSP and Servlet.

Once you become a Master in JSP and Servlet, you can build your own framework! Almost!

Here i bring the JSP and Servlet absolute for beginners!

Build a Complete Java Web Application with JSP and Servlet all from Scratch!

We will start this course by introducing a Client and Server Architecture, then will discuss the high level overview of JSP and Servlet, then will setup a Development Environment, then will discuss the MVC Design Pattern, and finally Build a JDBC Database Web App with JSP and Servlets - CRUD[Create, Read, Update, Delete]

Not only these, through out this course, we will learn about

  • Life cycle of Servlet and Servlet methods
  • Understanding the ServletConfig and ServletContext
  • Understanding the ServletContextListener
  • Understanding the RequestDispatcher
  • Understanding the JSP Expression, JSP Scriplets and JSP Declaration
  • Understanding the Expression Language (EL)
  • Understanding the JSTL library

For every concept, we will discuss the real time example and how to implement them in real time project.

By the end of this course, you have a better understanding of JSP and Servlet and how to use them in building the Web application.

It's not a simple course with cut, copy and paste, you will write each and every line of code with me!

I am super excited to teach you this course! I will see you inside the course!

Thanks and Regards,
Bushan Sirgur

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners
  • College students
  • One who wants to build Java Web application
  • Interns

Course content

13 sections • 73 lectures • 6h 1m total length
  • Overview of Client and Server Architecture
  • JSP and Servlet in Client-Server Architecture
  • Setting up the Development Environment and Creating Web Application


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